On Your Bike!…What To Do After You’ve Passed Your Motorbike Test

Published: November 10, 2014

Motorbikes are becoming an increasingly popular way to travel.
With more men and women choosing a motorbike over a car, the question is what happens after your test? What bike is best for a beginner rider?

All of this can be quite daunting, so here is a little helping hand to get you started.

Passed the test…What’s next?

 Improve your Skills

The first thing that you could do after your test is to book onto the Enhanced Rider Scheme; this is a training course that checks your riding skills to see if there are any areas that need to be improved.

First there is a rider assessment to check your skills under the observant eye of an expert trainer; this will include riding on different roads and in different traffic and weather conditions.

The assessment will last for up to two hours where the trainer will then make a judgement on your skills; if no other training is needed, you will receive a ‘DVLA Certificate of Competence’ which will give you discounts on motorbike insurance.

If further training is needed, you will be given personalised training to improve your skills, this can vary in length dependent on the training needed, and the certificate will be awarded once your training is complete.

Honda? Yamaha? Suzuki?

Once you have passed your test, it is time to decide on your first bike and, as exciting as this may be, there is a lot to take into consideration. There are different grades of licenses:

Category P:

At 16, you are able to take your CBT and once passed, it will allow you to ride a moped up to the maximum speed of 31 mph and with a 50cc engine or below.

Category A1:

Once the full bike test has been passed, this license allows the holder, who can be aged 17 and over, to ride a motorcycle with a power output of 14.6bhp or under and a maximum of a 125cc engine.

Category A:

This license has different restrictions, dependent on the rider’s age. If the rider is 17 and over and has passed their bike test, this license allows them to ride a motorcycle that has a power to weight ratio of 0.16kw/kg and a restriction of 33bhp.

If the rider is 21 and over, this allows them to ride any size motorcycle providing they have either held an A1 entitlement for 2 years or have passed their Direct Access test.

This means that your choice of motorcycle is determined by your license; your dream bike maybe a Kawasaki ZX-10R but your license may be in category A1 which means your dream bike will have to stay a dream for the moment.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; purchasing a bike in your license category gives you the opportunity to improve your riding skills and so, by the time you are able to purchase your Kawasaki, you will be a confident rider and be able to enjoy the experience it offers.

The list below offers a selection of bikes that suit the particular categories:-

Category P 

Scooters are an affordable way to travel with space to fit shopping and a helmet.

Piaggio Typhoon: At the bottom end of the price range, this scooter provides everything that is needed in a scooter at a very affordable price. It is nippy, handles well and is cheap to run which makes it a great purchase for teenagers who want to get out and about.

Yamaha Aerox: This striking, quick scooter is a fantastic option if you love a riding adventure. Being one of the main companies at the MotoGP, these little beauties can be seen transporting the stars and with its disc brakes and upside forks, you can guarantee that the Aerox can give a thrilling ride.

Category A1

The best choice when you first start to ride a motorcycle. Take into consideration the engine size, seat height and comfortable riding position to help you adjust to two wheels.

Derbi GPR125: This motorcycle will certainly turn heads with its superbike looks. The 2-stroke engine and radial brakes and suspension is for those adventure seekers who want to take those corners head on.

Honda CBF125: If you are worried about the open road on two wheels, then the Honda CBF125 is the bike for you. It is a complete steal, so much so that it has been flying out of showrooms faster than dealers can get them in! It is a 124.7cc and is more considerate of fuel economy than speed which makes it a fantastic first motorcycle for anyone.

Category A

No limits. Pick what you want but make sure you can handle it.

Triumph Bonneville: A true classic and one of Steve McQueen’s favourite motorbikes to collect, the Triumph Bonneville is the very best of British. Easy to service and an exceptionally smooth ride with low seats this motorcycle is truly one of the best and, more importantly, doesn’t lose its value.

Triumph DAYTONA 675: Sticking with the Triumph bikes, the Daytona 675 has scored a whopping 5* when rated by Motorcycle News. Easy to ride, fast, fantastic handling and all with a three cylinder 675cc short-stroke engine that claims 126bhp. This bike has been incredibly designed and makes the rider look like a pro.

Triumph DAYTONA 675

The Insurance Search Begins…

So you’ve found your bike, and now you need to get insured. Searching for insurance as a new rider can be very frustrating due to excessive prices from some insurers.

Take the hassle out by using insurers such as Devitt, who realise that there are different types of riders, such as experienced riders, tourers and young riders, and offer competitive insurance and extras that cover everyone’s needs.

If you’re thinking of or have completed further training with the IAM, RoSPA or the Enhanced Rider Scheme the you can receive 10% off their motorcycle insurance with Devitt, just click here to find out more!

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