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Classic Bike Insurance

Devitt has been providing classic bike insurance for UK bikers since 1936, so your classic will be in expert and reliable hands. Get an agreed value quote today for your classic bike or modern classic bike from Devitt and we’ll compare prices from top UK insurers to find you the best quote.


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  • Agreed value options for your classic or modern classic bike
  • Exclusive 10% discount for SPORTSBIKESHOP with your classic bike policy
  • Our fast, hassle-free UK-based accident helpline open 24/7
  • Choose from a variety of additional cover options to tailor your classic motorcycle insurance
  • Additional discounts for advanced training, secure parking, limited mileage and security systems

Getting the best Classic Bike Insurance

Classic Motorbike & Moped Insurance


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you already have a classic motorcycle or moped, or are considering acquiring one, and wish to know more about the process of insuring it.

The great news is that if you are indeed on the lookout for classic motorcycle insurance, you have come to the right place in Devitt.

We are a renowned broker, covering a wide range of needs when it comes to motorcycle insurance. This means we can draw upon our network of represented insurers, to help make sure you benefit from the best possible policy for your practical requirements and budget.

How does classic motorcycle insurance differ from standard motorbike cover?

Certain things about classic motorbike insurance are quite different to the situation for standard motorcycle cover, not least because the bikes themselves are different, but also because they tend to be treated quite differently by their owners.

For one thing, if you own a classic motorcycle, you probably don’t ride it every day for the office commute or to the supermarket. Instead, if you’re anything like many owners, you probably take an exceptionally high level of care over your classic bike, and might only ride it for special trips, or not ride it at all.

These differences mean that insurers tend to offer specialist classic motorcycle and moped policies, designed around the preferences and needs of those who own these very special bikes.

FAQs about Classic Bike Insurance

Still need some help? Take a look at our help and FAQs here...

When does a motorcycle become a classic bike?

It can vary from insurer to insurer but generally your motorcycle will be considered a classic bike after 20 years; some underwriters will consider it a classic bike insurance policy for a bike that is 15 years old but others go as high as 25 or 30 years.

Although age is an important consideration, it must also be pointed out that a classic motorcycle doesn’t simply mean an old model. To be worthy of classic status, the bike needs to have demonstrated over a reasonable amount of time that it can stand on its own among the countless types of motorbikes that have and are being produced.

What does a classic motorbike look like?

In terms of construction, a classic motorcycle should feature simple aesthetics and elements that can be easily traced back to the origins of these machines. Classic motorbikes might have an incredibly long history, but it’s characteristics such as air-cooled, two-cylinder engines, single headlights and double supports on the rear wheel that are the more typical hallmarks of classic models.

Appearance is another important element. Classics tend to have the simple lines and looks that are found on many post-World War II motorcycles.

More than anything else, classic motorbikes are those that have achieved a cult or iconic status. They stand out from the crowd because of their design quality and popularity with riders due to their excellent construction and performance.

Classic models are revered by enthusiasts as they are seen to have been fantastic machines in their heyday.

Restoring and maintaining a classic motorbike is a passion for enthusiasts rather than just a hobby. Not only can you get hours of joy in working on your machine, but you can also go up and down the country for riding events to show off the fruits of your labour. Additionally, the value of classic motorbikes holds up well, so the time and money you spend on them can be considered an investment rather than an expense.

Can Devitt offer the best Classic Bike Insurance for me?

Devitt can offer the right type of classic motorcycle insurance for your classic bike as well as provide you with that extra peace of mind with our additional products.

You’ve spent hours restoring your pride and joy, but sometimes accidents can happen – that’s why we provide you with a range of additional products that can top-up your cover, like; RAC breakdown to help you get back on the road in the event of a breakdown, Personal Accident cover including helmet and leathers, as well as Legal Expenses cover.

Classic bikes can come in various styles by various manufacturers. Check out our list below:

  • Triumph T120 Bonneville
  • Triumph Tiger Cub
  • Harley-Davidson WL 1950
  • BSA A10 Gold Flash
  • Yamaha XT500
  • Royal Enfield Crusader
  • Norton Commando
  • Norton Commando MK3 Roadster
  • Suzuki SP370
Are older motorcycles cheaper to insure?

Older motorcycles do tend to be cheaper to insure. Classic policies may be cheaper than a standard motorcycle insurance policy, as you usually have a lower mileage and most likely wouldn’t use it as much standard for everyday use. This makes them seem lower risk to an insurer. A bike that is a few years older may be cheaper to insure than a brand new bike, as value tends to depreciate and they can become less attractive to thieves. However, how much a policy costs for any bike does depend on a number of different factors of the rider and the vehicle.

What information do I need for my Classic Bike Insurance quote?

Getting a quote couldn’t be easier, especially with Devitt dealing with motorbike insurance since 1936 – we sure know our stuff! You’ll just need a few bits of information to hand, including:

  • Details of your bike
  • Your annual mileage
  • Your current No Claims Discount
  • Any convictions or accidents
  • Your occupation
  • Your location
Is classic motorbike cover more, or less, expensive than standard motorcycle insurance?

Although as a general rule, older bikes tend to be cheaper to insure than newer ones, this is because of the reduced value of such older motorcycles, which would mean the insurer not having to pay out as much to effectively replace it.

Motorcycles that are considered classic, though, are in a separate category altogether.

However, classic motorbike insurance can still often be cheaper than standard insurance, because classic bikes represent a lower risk, statistically speaking, to insurers. They are normally owned by older and more experienced riders, for example, and don’t tend to travel as many miles as non-classic bikes. These factors can all help drive down the risk, which can translate into cheaper cover.

Would insurers actually consider my motorcycle to be a ‘classic’?

This is a great question to ask, as even motorcycle enthusiasts can disagree on what exactly constitutes a “classic”, and it’s much the same for insurance providers.

Motorcycle enthusiasts often debate the definition of a classic motorcycle. Some focus on the age of the bike, while others look at the style of the motorbike itself. Still, purists consider the bike’s place in history as an important consideration.

Taking into account the many different opinions as to what exactly constitutes a classic motorcycle, it seems that age, appearance, status of the motorcycle and its construction are all important factors in determining whether the model can be deemed a vintage.

Whatever the age of your classic bike, we can provide agreed value insurance for your classic bike to make sure it’s properly insured.

As stated above, we provide access to a range of deals from various insurers here at Devitt. So, some of the insurers that we represent might consider a motorbike to be “classic” once it reaches 15 years old, whereas for others, the threshold might be 20 years or 25 years.

Adding further to the complexity, some motorbike insurers even offer “future classic” policies, which are designed to cover bikes expected to become classics in the years to come.

Such diversity in the market for classic motorbike and moped insurance is one reason why you might choose to turn to Devitt for your next motorcycle insurance policy, instead of approaching insurers individually.

After all, the latter approach could make for a time-consuming process. Seek out such cover with us, though, and we can quickly whittle down your options in line with your specific requirements, so that you can find the most suitable policy just as fast.

What types of classic motorbike cover are available?

Below are typical types of classic motorcycle insurance that we can make available for you at Devitt:

  • Third-party-only cover, which is the minimum legally required level of insurance for a motorbike; it covers the rider for claims against them when they are found to be at fault
  • Third-party fire and theft cover, which covers for third-party claims, as well as situations where the policyholder’s bike sustains damage due to fire or theft
  • Comprehensive cover, which not only protects against the aforementioned third-party claims and fire and theft, but also represents the most comprehensive form of insurance for a motorcycle, paying for the repair or replacement of the insured bike if it is involved in an accident.

As we mentioned above, there can be a particular complexity to classic motorcycle and moped cover. This can include some owners seeking out certain popular extra elements of coverage.

These extra elements of protection could include events cover if they wish to take their bike to rallies or trade shows, and/or international cover for taking their bike abroad. Modifications cover is also often sought-after by owners of classic motorbikes, given the tendency for such bikes to be frequently modified.

Whatever questions or concerns you might have in relation to insurance for your classic motorcycle or moped, there really is no need to look further than Devitt for the right policy for you.

How can I get a Classic Bike Insurance quote?

You can get a quick online quote, or contact one of our friendly insurance advisors on 0345 872 3614 for a quote over the phone.

Why Insure your Classic Bike with Devitt?

We've been motorcycle insurance specialists for over 80 years but you'll also get...

Cheap prices

We compare prices across our panel of insurers to find the best classic bike insurance quote for you

24/7 Claim Line

Fast and hassle-free claims service from our 24/7 UK-based accident helpline

Docs sent immediately

We send your insurance documents straight away by email. Get everything you need in minutes.

No long wait times

We don’t leave you hanging around on the phone waiting for us to pick up.


Call for a Classic Bike Insurance quote today0345 872 3614

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