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Motorcycle insurance modifications explained: Accessory or modification?

What’s the difference between a modification and an accessory on my motorcycle and how will it impact my insurance?

An accessory is generally part of your motorcycle which is not directly related to how it works as a motorcycle. These include audio systems that form an integral part of your motorcycle. Accessories also include top boxes, panniers, mirrors, heated grips that are fitted to your motorcycle.

A modification is therefore changes to your machine that change the performance and / or handling of your motorbike.

When it comes to your motorcycle insurance, if in doubt, disclose all changes to your motorcycle that are different from the standard manufacturer specification.

Generally, when it comes to bike insurance modifications and accessories…

Accessories – are rated on their value as additional to the machine

Modifications – are rated on their effect on the machine and are usually replaced as standard if viable to do so

Are my modifications accepted as standard on my bike insurance?

You may find certain insurers stating that they have X amount of modifications accepted as standard, quite often these are defined as accessories and therefore their cost should be included in the amount that you state as the value of your accessories.

If you don’t state the value of these “modifications”, that are actually accessories, and state your bike is, for example, worth £3,000, but has an extra £3,000 worth of accessories that you don’t disclose – then you’ll only be insured for the value you stated for your bike of £3,000. The value of these additional, unadvised items haven’t been disclosed as insurable items or factored into the premium.

Here at Devitt, we advise that you state the value of all your accessories when obtaining a quote to ensure that they are properly covered. Inform us of your modifications so we can ensure that your bike is properly covered, if you don’t disclose your modifications, then it could invalidate any potential claim. It’s important to know that when you insure your modifications properly, they’re covered by standard replacement in the event of a claim.

Not sure what’s defined as a modification and what’s defined as an accessory? Then keep reading…

Modification or accessory?

Are you trying to work out if your new piece of motorcycle kit is a modification or an accessory? Then check out our handy alphabetised list of mods and accessories to find out.

If it’s an accessory then we accept it as standard, just make sure you include its value in your accessories on your bike insurance quote!

If it comes under modification, then please declare it to us to ensure that you have valid insurance, should you need to make a claim.

Incorrect cover can result in claims being denied by your insurer, so it’s essential that you declare all modifications.

Modification descriptions

Are you considering making a modification to your motorcycle? Are you wondering how much it’ll cost or what it will actually do to your motorcycle? Remember, when it comes to your bike insurance, if the modification is power enhancing it’s going to have an effect on your insurance premium (i.e. one that you probably won’t like!).

If we can give one piece of advice about mods, it’s to make sure you speak to your insurer before making any modifications to your motorcycle, especially performance enhancing ones. If not, you might find your insurance premium rocket after you’ve made it or worst case scenario, they don’t want to insure you anymore, in fact, the worst of the worst case scenario is… no one will!

Motorbike insurance modifications list

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