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Moped and Scooter Insurance

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Finding the best moped and scooter insurance

Whether you’re using your moped or scooter for commuting or leisure, it’s important you have the correct level of cover.

Moped and scooter insurance often tends to cost less than other types of motorbike cover due to the fact that scooters and mopeds have low power engines and they’re often cheaper to buy and repair!

Don’t look elsewhere for moped or scooter insurance

When you are looking to get the best out of your experience as a moped or scooter rider, you will naturally want the best possible protection, too. We can help you with this here at Devitt, by providing access to scooter or moped insurance that represents the best match to your needs.

The process really couldn’t be easier. We bring together policies from some of the most renowned insurers and underwriters in the world of motorcycle insurance, so you can be sure that we will present you with attractive and relevant scooter or moped cover.

But what else do you need to know about riding and insuring a moped or scooter, including obtaining cover through Devitt?

For peace of mind, you can add additional products and cover to your moped and scooter insurance such as Legal Expenses cover, Personal Accident (PA) cover, PA with Helmet and Leathers cover and RAC breakdown for motorbikes. You’ll even receive a unique 10% discount code for SportsBikeShop with your policy.

What is a moped or scooter, anyway?

There can be more confusion over this subject than you might think! After all, the very word “moped” is a portmanteau of “motor” and “pedal”, with a moped traditionally being a type of bike where a rider needs to use a pedal in order to get it started.

In more recent times, start buttons have replaced pedals on new mopeds, so it can be easy to be a little confused as to what a “moped” is.

Some people use the term “moped” these days as a catch-all term for basically any bike with a capacity of up to 50cc. However, a particular bike’s output and speed might also determine whether it is described as a “moped”.

Scooters, meanwhile, are something different again; although both mopeds and scooters can have a step-through frame, scooters aren’t limited in their engine size; they start at 50cc and can go up as high as 750cc, instead of 50cc being the maximum, as is the case with mopeds.

Another good rule of thumb is that if the bike you’re riding gives you a platform you can rest your feet on while you move, you are on a scooter, not a moped.

Frequently asked questions about Scooter and Moped Insurance

What’s the difference between a moped and a scooter?

A scooter is a specific type of motorbike: containing an engine that’s 50cc or above, plus what’s known as a ‘step-through’ where there’s space for your feet to sit together.

Vespa is popular and iconic scooter that has a stylish shape and often features multiple wing mirrors. Vespas now have a cult status thanks to films like Quadrophenia and its links with the mod subculture.

Scooters come with 125cc engines, which are perfect for commuters in cities looking to nip through rush-hour traffic.

A moped is any motorbike under 50cc, which tends to have maximum speed limit of 28mph. Boasting great fuel efficiency, mopeds are useful for commuting and particularly suitable for city riding.

They’re often a popular choice for younger people – especially 16-year-olds, who are legally allowed to ride a motorbike below 50cc.

Do you need insurance for a moped or scooter?

Yes, just like any other car or motorbike, you’ll need to have at least Third Party Only insurance to ride your moped or scooter legally on UK roads.

Can you insure a Moped without a CBT?

No, all of our insurers require you to have a valid CBT to validate your cover. This is because your CBT is your license to drive a moped.

How do I get cheap scooter and moped insurance?

Scooter and moped insurance is usually cheaper than standard motorbike insurance, due to the fact that the engines are less powerful and their value is often lower.

However, your experience can make a difference to your moped and scooter insurance, as those that have less experience on two wheels will generally pay more for insurance until they can prove their ability.

Good security measures will often help with your scooter or moped insurance cost in the UK, especially if you live in a city, where thefts are more likely.

Layer your security up as much as you can, ie use as many devices as you can; a chain, ground anchor, disc lock, cover, alarm immobiliser, tracker and so on…

Storing your scooter or moped in a garage will always be a great way to bring your insurance premium down, although this obviously isn’t possible for everyone!

Why choose Devitt for moped and scooter insurance?

Devitt isn’t ‘just another’ company offering motorcycle insurance – we’re one of the longest-established and most trusted names in motorbike cover, having been arranging it for riders in the UK since the 1930s.

Fast-forward to the 2020s, and we continue to be passionate and knowledgeable as motorbike insurance specialists – indeed, many of us are motorcyclists ourselves.

So, when you want to obtain your next scooter or moped insurance policy through a company that you can trust, there’s no need to look further than Devitt. Our work with many of the UK’s premier insurers will help ensure you obtain the most suitable moped or scooter insurance for your requirements.

The types of moped or scooter insurance you will need to choose from

As a minimum, you are legally required to have third-party insurance in order to ride a moped or scooter. Taking the risk of riding a scooter or moped without insurance means you could be hit with a fine and penalty points on your licence. Your moped or scooter might also be seized and destroyed; in short, it just isn’t worth it.

With all that in mind, below are the three principal types of scooter and moped insurance:

  • Third-party-only cover, which – as the name suggests – will only cover you for damage that you and your moped or scooter might cause to another person’s vehicle or property
  • Third party, fire and theft cover, which covers the policyholder for the aforementioned third-party damage, in addition to protecting against the risk of fire or theft
  • Comprehensive cover, which would protect you for a suitably ‘comprehensive’ range of risks, including damage sustained to your own bike, as well as third-party damage, fire and theft

Although it is possible to buy moped or scooter insurance before passing a test, you won’t be able to obtain pillion cover in such circumstances, because learners aren’t permitted to carry a passenger on their moped or scooter.

Passing a moped or motorcycle test might help make your insurance cheaper, as it will show that you have proved your capability as a rider. So, you should inform your insurer as soon as you pass your test.

What info do I need for scooter and moped insurance?

Getting an insurance quote for your moped or scooter should be fairly simple, most things like your name, address, occupation etc you be able to recall pretty easily!

It’s a good idea to have some of the following info ready that you may not know off by heart:

  • Your licence details
  • Number of year you have of No Claims, for your No Claim Discount (if you have any)
  • Details of any claims, accidents or convictions you may have had

You can choose to do your scooter and moped quote online or if you’d like a little extra help with the process you can give us a call and we’ll happily be of service.

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