Discounted Optional Extras

Looking for discounts on your motorbike insurance optional extras, such as Legal Expenses, Personal Accident, Helmet & Leathers and Breakdown? Then our Enhanced and Evolution products are what you might be after…

Upgrade your bike insurance for more discount

+£5.00 p/m*or £59.99 annually
+£6.67 p/m*or £79.99 annually
90 days full policy cover in EU
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Legal Expenses & Loss Recovery
RAC Roadside Breakdown
Helmet & Leathers Cover
Personal Accident Cover
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+£5.00 p/m*or £59.99 annually
+£6.67 p/m*or £79.99 annually
Most popularSave 20%
Biggest discountSave 47%**

So what’s included in Devitt Enhanced and Devitt Evolution?

Devitt Enhanced includes:

Legal Expenses Cover

Our Legal Expenses cover gives you up to £100,000 worth of expense cover for legal costs if you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Lots of bikers opt for this product to give them peace of mind as with bikers being so vulnerable to other road users, it’s important that you’ve got every level of protection you can get.

Legal Expenses on its own is worth £34.99 a year, but it comes as part of our brand new discounted extras bundle.

Our short video below explains exactly how our legal expenses cover works…

Our legal cover expenses for motorcycles includes the following:

  • Your policy excess: paying for your policy excess in the result of an accident or incident
  • Damage to your bike: if you’ve only got third party or third party fire and theft insurance protection, your bike will still be covered by legal expenses for any damages
  • Damage to personal property: this can cover your own personal property such as helmets and leathers
  • Medical fees: legal expenses covers any medical fees from an accident or incident, including loss of earnings should you be unable to work
  • Vehicle hire: it gives you peace of mind with a hire vehicle whilst your bike is being repaired
  • Towing & storage: legal expenses covers any fees that might occur from towing and storage of your motorcycle after an accident or incident
  • Bodily injury or death

RAC Roadside Breakdown Cover 

The final part of our brilliant discounted extras bundle is our popular RAC Roadside breakdown recovery.

This covers for any breakdowns that occur more than ¼ of a mile away from your home address, along with a taxi fee for 20 miles if your bike can’t be fixed there and then or towing for up to 10 miles. Usually it costs £39.99 by itself, but it’s included with our discounted extras package too!

If you’d like to get a quote today for your bike insurance including our new discounted extras product, or if you’re an existing customer and would like to add it to your policy then give us a call today on 0345 872 3614.

Devitt Evolution includes all of the above but then you also get:

Personal Accident (PA) with Helmet and Leathers (H&L) Cover

Usually priced at £49.99 as pair or £35.99 for PA and £39.99 for H&L if bought separately, our Personal Accident, Helmet and Leathers cover is a popular product with bikers due to it covering some of the most important things that could be damage in an accident.

Our Personal Accident element gives cover up to £15,000 in the event of actual bodily harm in the result of an accident. This should be able to give you peace of mind if you were unable to work or your income was reduced due to your accident. This can cover anything from:

  • Loss of speech, hearing, sight, limb or jaw
  • Hospitalization
  • A permanent, partial or full disability
  • A permanent inability to work due to your accident
  • Death

As part of the cover, your helmet and leathers will also be protected. We know how much money bikers spend on making sure they’re fully protected when riding so if your helmet and leathers are damaged due to an accident, even if you were unhurt, you can still claim and have peace of mind knowing you’ll have a fresh set of biking gear on the way soon!

With both Devitt Enhanced and Devitt Evolution you can upgrade your RAC Roadside Breakdown to Onward Travel with EU for a discounted price too! Call us right away on 0345 872 3614.