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SORN Check – A Statutory Off Road Notification Guide

We run you through everything you need to know about contacting the DVLA to register your motorcycle as SORN and how to get back on the road after.

What does DVLA SORN mean?

SORN stands for ‘Statutory Off Road Notification’. Registering your motorcycle as SORN means to inform the DVLA that your bike will be taken and kept off of the road.

Once you have notified the DVLA of this, you are entitled to a refund for any full amounts of remaining tax.

If you wish to take the motorbike on the road again, you will need to tax it.

In what circumstances should I complete a SORN?

Your bike is considered as SORN if:

  • It is kept in a garage or on a driveway and is NOT on a public road of any kind.
  • There is a delay in renewing the motorcycles insurance policy. In this case the bike MUST be kept off the road until a new policy begins.
  • It is kept for spare parts or future restoration.
  • It is bought with the full intention of keeping it off the road, examples of this could be classic motorcycles that are seen as collectables.
  • It isn’t taxed.
  • It is not insured to be ridden on the road.
What happens if I do not complete a SORN?

You must complete a SORN if your vehicle is any of the points above, if not, you will face a large fine.

The DVLA work with the Motor Insurance Database (MID) to check that your bike is insured. If it has not been declared as off the road to the DVLA and is not insured as per the MID, the DVLA will easily be able to find you.

How do I report my motorcycle as off the road (SORN)?

As mentioned previously it is the DVLA you will need to notify about this. There are three methods to choose from:

Online –

You can report your motorbike as off the road online here and navigating through the webpages.

You are given the option of whether you would like to make a SORN to be in place immediately or commence on the first day of next month.

If it is immediate, you will need to enter the 11-digit number which appears on your vehicle log book (V5C). This means your vehicle must be taken off the road immediately.

If your vehicle is to be taken off the road on the first day of next month, you will be required to enter the 16-digit number which is featured on your tax reminder letter (V11). Please note, this number can only be used once.

Post –

You will need to use this method if the bike is not registered in your name.

You will need to send an application form (V890) to the DVLA by printing out and completing the V890 here and sending it to the following address:



SA99 1AR

You must state on this form the day in which you want to take your motorcycle off the road. This can be any day this month or the previous month; however, you will not get a vehicle tax refund for previous dates.

This can also be next month or the month after, although in this case you will need to include a letter stating why it is you are unable to send the form nearer the time.

Phone –

You can also report your motorcycle as SORN by phone, simply call the 24 hour DVLA service on 0300 123 4321.

Will I have to re-SORN my motorcycle at any point?

Yes, after 12 months you are required to re-SORN your motorbike using the same methods as above.

If you are unsure of when you need to re-SORN your bike you can check this by using the DVLA Vehicle Check page here. You will also receive a reminder (V11) to let you know your SORN is about to expire.

How do I get my motorcycle on the road again?

To be able to ride your motorcycle out on the road again you will need to tax it, insure it for road risk, and ensure it has an up to date MOT. The SORN will expire as soon as you apply for your vehicle tax using your V5C.

If the motorcycle has a SORN when you purchase it, the SORN will expire as this would have been applied for by the previous owner. This is regardless of whether the new owner intends to take the bike on the road or not.

How do I get my motorcycle to an MOT test?

Providing you have the required road insurance cover, you are able to ride your motorcycle both to and from the MOT test station.

Can I insure my SORN motorcycle?

In most cases, subject to underwriting criteria, we can cover SORN motorcycles. For a quote give our service line a call on 0345 872 3614.