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Your first set of wheels

Motorcycle prices vary dramatically.  Just like buying a car, you will likely have options of buying extra accessories as well.

You’ll be kitting yourself out with the protective gear, a helmet and not forgetting insurance and breakdown cover. You need to make sure you’ve got a set of wheels that’s suitable for your first few months of riding.

Every biker is different but take a look at what the UK biking nation looks like…

What’s the difference?

Motorcycle, Moped or Scooter – now there’s always lots of questions when it comes to buying your first set of wheels, but you must remember to get a machine you know you can handle. There’s no point saving up all your pennies to blow on the brand new Kawasaki Ninja H2R when it’s unlikely you’ll be able to handle it; with a great bike comes great responsibility.


Motorcycles are classically known for their high capacity engines and naked frame structure. Over time different styles of motorcycles have become available on the market; sports, adventure, classic and more! It’s all really down to preference on what style of motorcycle you choose, and mainly what you’ll be using it for – commuting or leisure.

Popular first motorbikes

Check out our list of popular bikes for new riders – whether you want sport, leisure or just something to do your daily commute on, you’ll be able to find the perfect bike in your price range.


Suzuki GS500F

Cost: £3,500 (New)
Cost: £1,500 (Second Hand)

One of the most versatile beginner motorcycles on the market. The GS500F has a sporty profile with full fairing and sleek bodywork. In terms of power, the Suzuki GS500F 487cc parallel twin cranks out just over 51hp.

Yamaha FZ6R

Cost: £4,500 (New)
Cost: £2,000 (Second Hand)

See yourself as the next Rossi taking on the track on a stylish sports bike? Well, the FZ6R is a great bike for a beginner track ride with smooth power, accommodating seat height and a fuel-injected 600cc include-four engine cranking out 66.5hp.

The FZ6R is the perfect stepping stone to train and ride with.


Honda CBR250R

Honda CBR 250R. Credit: HondaHonda CBR 250R. Credit: Honda

Honda CBR 250R. Credit: Honda

Cost: £3,500 (New)
Cost: £1,950 (Second hand)

The CBR250 is everything you need in your first set of wheels. It’s perfect for commuting in traffic or just something to spend your weekends riding. Don’t be fooled, this Honda is easy to ride but can go faster than you think but still extremely economical to run.


KTM 200 Duke


Cost: £4,000 (New)
Cost: £2,500 (Second Hand)

KTM bikes are getting more and more popular with new riders. The Duke is in the 200cc market with 25bhp but it still looks like a big bike to play with. With the aggressive orange paintwork and sharp corners, the engine is tight and ultra-tidy; perfect for hitting the track and those long windy roads.


Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja 300. Credit: Kawasaki

Kawasaki Ninja 300. Credit: Kawasaki

Cost: £4,500 (New)
Cost:£3,000 (Second Hand)

Kawasaki motorcycles are known for their power and sleek style. If you’ve got your heart set on a Kawasaki model as your first ride then check out the Ninja 300, which you can find cheaper on second hand. With a powerful engine and an aggressive styling, it’s great for those riders who want to move up to a full-on sports bike.


The main difference between a moped and scooter is a scooter has a step through frame allowing the rider to have theirs legs in front with their feet in a foot well. Scooters host an engine capacity of 125cc, although more modern scooters can come with high engine capacity and reach speeds of 100mph.

Popular first scooters

Buying your first scooter can be quite the challenge, especially if you’ve only just passed your CBT and need to stick to the new licence requirements. Check out our list below of the best scooters for new riders….


Vespa PX125
Cost: £3,000 (New)
Cost:£2,500 (Second Hand)

Vespa’s are known to be reliable, smart and easy-use scooters. This PX models is a simple mode of transport that will get you from A to B but in style.

Honda SH125i

Honda SH125i

Honda SH125i. Credit: Honda

Cost: £3,000 (New)
Cost: £2,000 (Second Hand)

Fitted with bigger wheels than your standard scooter, the Honda SH125i is fitted with ABS brakes too. It’s not an ultra-cool looking scooter like your Vespa’s and Lambretta’s but it runs economically and is saving you money with each ride.



Yamaha Aerox

Yamaha Aerox. Credit: Yamaha

Yamaha Aerox. Credit: Yamaha

Cost: £3,000 (New)
Cost: £1,499 (Second Hand)

Aerox is modelled to be sports scooter, fitted with a 101cc 2-stroke engine that gives you the boost you need to whizz around town.



Piaggio Fly 125

Cost: £2,500 (New)
Cost: £1,199 (Second Hand)

If the main purpose for getting a bike is for commuting then the Fly is perfect for you. A very comfortable and reliable machine that’s easy to ride.

Lambretta LN125

Lambretta LN125. Credit: Lambretta

Lambretta LN125. Credit: Lambretta

Cost: £2,500 (New)
Cost: £1,295 (Second Hand)

Lambretta sure know how to make the perfect scooter. LN125 is versatile and easy to ride making it the perfect scooter for both commuting and leisure. It can be easily fitted with a luggage rack and top box if you’re planning a trip.

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Deriving from the words “motor” and “pedal”, a moped has an engine capacity of 50cc and has a maximum speed limit of approximately 30mph. Originally moped were fitted with pedals to assist the motor, however this isn’t as popular anymore. Mopeds take more a scooter style now days, with the twist and go power system.

Popular first mopeds

With mopeds only being allowed an engine size of no bigger than 50cc and only reaching 30mph, it can be tricky to find a stylish yet reaches the legal requirements. Mopeds are great for commuting short distances around busy towns to help avoid traffic and congestion. Check out our guide to the best moped buys for new riders…

Aprilia SR50

Aprilia SR50. Credit: Aprilia

Aprilia SR50. Credit: Aprilia

Cost: £2,500 (New)
Cost: £1,599 (Second hand)

The SR50 is a popular choice of moped for most new riders. It’s simple yet sporty feel with under-seat storage is perfect for commuting from A to B.




Yamaha YN50 NEOS

Yamaha YN50 Neos. Credit: Yamaha

Yamaha YN50 Neos. Credit: Yamaha

Cost: £2,300 (New)
Cost: £1,495 (Second Hand)

A new release on the market by Yamaha, the sleek NEOS looks super stylish in the all-black finish giving it an edge over many mopeds in the market. Fitted with the retro kick-start only, it brings back the good-old days.




Pulse Scout 49

Pulse Scout 49. Credit: Pulse

Pulse Scout 49. Credit: Pulse

Cost: £1,000 (New)
Cost: £650 (Second Hand)

An extremely popular choice of moped for training schools and test centres, it’s an easy-to-use machine that is compact and fantastic for riding through traffic – a brilliant bike for small and new riders.



Now you’ve got your first set of wheels sorted, it’s time to make sure you’re kitted out with the correct biking gear.

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