New Motorbike Announcement: 2016 Chief Dark Horse

Published: March 4, 2015

Riders looking for a new cruiser will no doubt be keeping an eye out for the release of the 2016 Chief Dark Horse in showrooms.  Another model in the Chief series, the Dark Horse is the lightest and quickest on the Chief platform.

Chief Dark Horse
Chief Dark Horse

A super cool machine

A full size cruiser, the Dark Horse shares similar engine, chassis and suspension with the Chief Classic.  However, it loses the oil cooler, analogue fuel gauge and driving lights.  Compared to the Classic, the Dark Horse is much more streamlined, bold and aggressive.  It takes styling of Indian Motorcycles to a whole new level.

Iconic and standard features

This new Chief model won’t come cheap, and you can expect it to set you back around £16,499 (On road including 20 per cent VAT).  For your money, you will get a bike with fantastic technology and iconic features like Indian Motorcycle badging, Warbonnet, valenced fenders, brake caliper covers and unpolished styling.  Unlike other Chief models, the Dark Horse has little chrome on its body but is awash with matt-black paint instead.  Its minimalist profile oozes attitude and aggression – perfect for solo riders looking to travel in style.

Powered by Thunder Stroke® 111 engine, its standard features include blacked out styling with a touch of chrome, ABS, keyless ignition, electronic cruise control, true dual exhaust and gauges.

Indian's new Chief Dark Horse
Indian’s new Chief Dark Horse

Abundance of optional accessories

Although the Dark Horse is designed for a solo ride, you can get a passenger seat as well as either passenger foot-pegs or floor boards as part of the Genuine Indian Motorcycle Accessory line-up.  Of course, this means your ride can be more social and fun.

Riders who long to customise their bike and their ride will appreciate the range of accessories that will be rolled out for the Dark Horse.  Ape hanger handlebars, accessory air cleaners, fender struts, slip-on exhaust with black heat shields and exhaust tips, and black fender trim are just some of the items available.  In fact, there will be 40 accessories for you to choose from.

The verdict

Overall, the Chief Dark Horse is a quality machine that delivers well on power and style.  It strikes a fantastic balance between looks and features.

Owned by Polaris Industries who took over in 2011, Indian Motorcycle has undergone an incredible resurgence and is now enjoying thriving sales in the motorcycle market.  Apart from the Dark Horse, the current line-up in the Chief family includes the Scout, Chief Classic, Chief Vintage, Chieftain and Roadmaster.

Indian's new Chief Dark Horse
Indian’s new Chief Dark Horse

Insuring your new bike

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