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Best Bikes For Different Riders

Read our guides on what bike to use for what occasion including; carrying a pillion, commuting, being a female rider, having a small budget and being a tall rider. There’s a motorbike for everyone!

Best Bikes for New Riders

  • Top tips for new riders
  • Recommended first bikes
  • Advice from real bikers

Best Bikes for Commuting

  • Why commuting by motorcycle is the best
  • Top tips for commuting
  • Best bikes for commuting

Best Bikes for Female Riders

  • Recommended best bikes
  • Advice for purchasing your first bike
  • Why being a biker chick is the best

Best Bikes for Larger Riders

  • Learn about Motorcycle Ergonomics
  • Pick your favourite bike
  • Finding the perfect protective gear

Best Bikes for Pillions

  • Top tips for carrying a pillion
  • Advice from Keep Britain Biking members
  • Best bikes for carrying a pillion

Best Bikes for Shorter Riders

  • Know how to adjust your motorcycle seat
  • Finding the perfect bike for you
  • Top tips to remember when riding

Best Bikes for Smaller Budgets

  • Top tips for buying a second hand bike
  • Advice for new riders
  • Recommended bikes for you

Best Best for Tall Bikers

  • What classifies a ‘tall’ rider
  • Modifying your motorcycle to fit
  • Top 10 bikes for taller riders

Best Bikes for Touring

  • Our Touring checklist
  • Safety top tips
  • Best bikes for touring

Best Bikes for Winter Riding

  • Advice for all weather bikers
  • Recommended machines
  • Staying safe and secure

Best Scooters for Mods

  • Vespa vs Lambretta
  • Benefits of riding a scooter
  • Best scooters