Motorbike Insurance

We’ve been arranging motorcycle insurance for UK riders since 1936, so you’re in expert and reliable hands. 30% of our motorcycle insurance customers pay less than £100; with 69% paying less than £300!

Motor Trade Insurance

We’ve been arranging motor trade insurance in the UK for over 35 years, building solid relationships centred on trust and excellent customer service.

Training School Insurance

We’re one of the UK’s leading providers of Motorcycle Training School Insurance. We have been arranging insurance within the motorcycle industry for over 40 years and look after the insurance for 400 Motorcycle ATBs in the UK.

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Best Bikes For Different Riders

Read our guides on what bike to use for what occasion including; carrying a pillion, commuting, being a female rider, having a small budget and being a tall rider. There’s a motorbike for everyone!

Best Bikes for New Riders

  • Top tips for new riders
  • Recommended first bikes
  • Advice from real bikers

Best Bikes for Commuting

  • Why commuting by motorcycle is the best
  • Top tips for commuting
  • Best bikes for commuting

Best Bikes for Female Riders

  • Recommended best bikes
  • Advice for purchasing your first bike
  • Why being a biker chick is the best

Best Bikes for Larger Riders

  • Learn about Motorcycle Ergonomics
  • Pick your favourite bike
  • Finding the perfect protective gear

Best Bikes for Pillions

  • Top tips for carrying a pillion
  • Advice from Keep Britain Biking members
  • Best bikes for carrying a pillion

Best Bikes for Shorter Riders

  • Know how to adjust your motorcycle seat
  • Finding the perfect bike for you
  • Top tips to remember when riding

Best Bikes for Smaller Budgets

  • Top tips for buying a second hand bike
  • Advice for new riders
  • Recommended bikes for you

Best Best for Tall Bikers

  • What classifies a ‘tall’ rider
  • Modifying your motorcycle to fit
  • Top 10 bikes for taller riders

Best Bikes for Touring

  • Our Touring checklist
  • Safety top tips
  • Best bikes for touring

Best Bikes for Winter Riding

  • Advice for all weather bikers
  • Recommended machines
  • Staying safe and secure

Best Scooters for Mods

  • Vespa vs Lambretta
  • Benefits of riding a scooter
  • Best scooters