Best Bikes for Female Riders

Female bikers…

The latest Devitt Insurance survey found that female riders make up approximately 9% of riders, and it’s increasing all the time. Clearly all women can ride all bikes, as they’re not gender specific but if you’re new to biking and are looking for a few motorcycle recommendations, we’ve put together a few suggestions below with help from female members of Keep Britain Biking.

This increase in women riders is clearly shown by motorbike gear now being designed particularly for women riders and more and more women now attend regular meets, bike shows and club and track days.

And what do we think about this? We think it’s great news.

With the variation of style of motorcycles available on the market these days, there’s plenty of choice but sometimes you need a helping hand on where to start.  There are no motorbikes specifically designed for women per se, however there are some motorbikes that are more suitable for female bikers from a height and weight perspective, which you might be looking for if you’re new to motorcycling.

Everyone is different when it comes to motorcycling, and your riding technique is going to be important when considering what bike to pick, regardless of gender. Our best piece of advice is try before you buy, as you need to choose a motorcycle that suits you and your riding style. All dealerships will be more than happy to let you have a sit on all different styles of bikes until you get a feel for what bike really compliments you.

A few things to consider: 

  • Opting for a scooped out styled seat allowing a little more give on the height of your motorcycle and also an extra comfy option too!
  • Found the perfect motorcycle? You could always purchase a lowering kit to get the right height for you. Lowering kits can be bought from most major motorcycle retailers.
  • Consider the turning circle of your future motorcycle. Not feeling confident about leaning? Check out this handy article.
  • The dry weight vs. wet weight of your bike is another thing to remember especially if you’re opting for a heavier model. You won’t often find the weight published by the manufacturer due to inconsistency on how it’s measured. For example, the average difference in a sports bike from dry to wet is around 32kg. Remember to take into consideration petrol, engine oil and coolant among other things.
  • It’s good to try lots of different styles of bike with different horsepower and engine sizes to make sure you know how confident you feel on all types.


Like we’ve previously stated, each and every bike is individual and unique to its owner so you should try as many as you can before you buy one. Here are a few suggestions to get you started in your search for a new motorcycle:

Top Tips

We’ve compiled some top tips to remember when riding…

Ride Comfortably – having a comfortably fitted bike will give you the confidence you need to ride anywhere. If you are uncomfortable or feel awkward you are more likely to make bad judgement calls. If your motorbike is too tall, consider getting a lowering kit or small heeled riding boots so you can sit on your bike flat footed on the ground.

Dress Comfortably – make sure all your gear feels great both on and off the bike. An ill-fitting outfit will have an effect on how you manoeuvre your motorbike.

Pack light when touring – when travelling, take one change of clothes, minimal toiletries and camping gear. That is all you really need to pack and the less you carry on your motorbike the more agile you will be.

Make sure you are legal – ensuring you have all required motorbike licences, insurance and paperwork for you motorbike will prevent any problems if you are ever involved in an accident or a crash. Protecting yourself and your motorbike will ensure peace of mind.

Improve your skills – take regular riding courses to better yourself and gain more experience with riding your motorbike.

Take a break – listen to your body and rest when you need to.

Enjoy! – Love your bike and the rides you complete. It’s truly exhilarating and fun being a biker, so love every minute of it!

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