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Riding Abroad On Your Motorcycle

Being a biker in the UK is a real treat, you can step out of your front door and be cruising through the countryside in a matter of minutes – it’s just a shame the weather isn’t always as a great. Check out our exclusive guide to riding abroad including what to pack, preparing your motorcycle and rules and regulations!

Planning Your Trip

  • What country should you ride to
  • Best riding routes and popular hot spots
  • Group rider or lone rider?

Getting There

  • Booking your ferry crossing
  • Camping vs Hotels
  • Keeping your bike secure

What to Pack

  • What to pack in your backpack
  • Motorcycle storage options
  • Paperwork

Preparing Your Bike

  • Basic motorcycle maintenance tips
  • Essential Bike Kit
  • Important paper work documents


  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Travel Insurance
  • Breakdown Insurance

Rules and Regulations

  • Be wise on what the road rules and regulations are for your trip
  • Purchase your International Driving Permit
  • Don’t forget your GB sticker!