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Anything can happen when you’re riding, more so when it’s in a different country. You don’t just need to think about safety and security of your bike but for yourself as well.  It’s best to have safety procedures in place like knowing where the local hospital/pharmacy is in case of illness.

Check out some of these handy apps, everything from money exchange, weather track and route trackers that could be great when riding abroad.

  • XE Currency – Free
    Don’t bother wasting your hard-earned cash on paying for an app, the XE Currency is completely accurate and doesn’t cost you a penny. Wherever in the world you are, you’ll be able to find the best conversion rate for your money.
  • Sunscreen – Free
    Nobody likes sunburn/sunstroke, even if you’re spending your days in your leathers! The Sunscreen app is fantastic for detecting the UVI rating at your current location and you can set timers to alert you to when you need to top. Best of all, it’s completely free!
  • TravelSafe Pro – 79p
    The TravelSafe Pro is a database with all the emergency service numbers for just about any country. You can have contact with all the right people for any situation might arise – lost your passport? Contact details for the local embassy. One-touch and you can call the local police, fire brigade and ambulances. Not bad for 99p.
  • Better Translator Pro – £1.95
    You’ve hopped over the European border for a long weekend of riding, but you’re struggling to translate – welcome the Better Translator Pro. Rated the best translator app on Android and there’s no doubt in why. Pulling together both Google and Bing’s translation service, the results are near-on perfect. Only £1.95 and could save you a lot of time and trouble.
  • Wi-Fi Finder – Free
    Data roaming charges are through the roof when it comes to going abroad so you’ll want to find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot to keep your charges to a minimum. This free, handy app will give you directions to the nearest source of wireless internet. Another brilliant freebie you’ll find on the App store. 

Emergency telephone numbers

The most important number to remember when travelling through Europe is 112 – this is the European general emergency number. They will be able to process your query and give you the appropriate advice and help you need in your situation.

  France Spain Austria Austria USA
Ambulance 15 061 118 144 911
Police 17 091 113 133 911
Fire Brigade 18 080 115 122 911

Motorcycle Insurance when travelling abroad

With Devitt Insurance you get 90 days EU cover as standard with your policy. It’s a good thing to let your insurer know about your planned trip before you set off to make sure everything is in place.

It’s wise to take your insurance certification with you, but most importantly refer to your policy handbook which will outline all the terms of your insurance.

Call our friendly team of insurance advisors today on 0345 872 3614 and arrange your cover for riding abroad.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is just as important to arrange as well your motorbike insurance for your trip. Countries outside of Europe do not accept the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) so you’ll need to make sure your insurance covers any unaccepted accidents.

Here’s what to look out for when purchasing your travel insurance:

  • Certain destinations may be excluded so it’s best to check exactly what cover you’ll need for you trip. Worldwide cover doesn’t always include USA and Canada.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions need to be declared when purchasing your insurance. Even if you haven’t been suffering recently, failure of disclosure could invalidate your policy.
  • Check your claim limit of your insurance. You’ll need to work out exactly what you’re taking with you to know how much its worth in the incident it’s lost or stolen – we all know motorcycle gear isn’t cheap. Recommended of the following:
    > £1,500 baggage cover
    > £250 to cover lost cash
    > £3,000 cancellation cover, or enough to cover the total cost of your holiday
  • Riding your motorbike or hiring a motorbike, on your holiday will be a factor you’ll need to inform your travel insurance provider of. ‘Hazardous’ activities may not always be included in all policies so it’s best to check before purchase.

Breakdown Cover

Your motorcycle is the crux of your trip, and it’s essential you’re fully covered in case a breakdown does occur during your ride.

Within this guide, there are some handy tips on how to prepare your bike for the long journey ahead and also what to take in your essential tool kit to keep your bike healthy on your travels. However, it’s still important that your breakdown cover insures you for riding outside of the UK.

This option is the most comprehensive cover which is perfect if you’re planning on doing long distance rides regularly and spending time away from home.

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Arctic Rider’s Advice

“Standard items for any travellers such as travel insurance, emergency contact info on your person, and local access numbers are a must. Also make sure your motorbike insurer covers you enough to get you and your bike home in case of any riding mishaps.

I’m also a big fan of letting someone know your route and checking in at the end of each day, whether you are solo or group riding, especially when riding in rural or mountain areas. This way if you do have an off or an issue, someone can alter the authorities.

I had an off in the middle of Northern Sweden in 2011, luckily I had phone signal but if I’d been another 5 miles up the road I’d have had none and only 1-2 vehicles an hour came up that road. Even if it’s a check in on Facebook once a day, you can never be too cautious when riding abroad on unfamiliar roads.

If you are a 1-2 on the Haynes manual spanner scale of mechanic level like me, make sure you have some breakdown cover if available where you are travelling. It can be a lifesaver!”

Check out our riding abroad infographic full of handy advice… 


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