12 month continual growth for new motorcycle sales

Published: January 9, 2015

End of year figures for new motorcycle registration shows sales for 2014 were up 10% compared to 2013, with an increase every single month throughout the year the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA).

An astounding 101,227 new motorcycles, scooters and mopeds were registered during 2014, compared to the 91,908 from the previous year.

Over 48,000 of the new registrations were smaller commuter-sized machines. Also, ‘Naked’ bikes were up 32% and ‘touring’ bikes up 13% on 2013 as well. Larger motorcycles also saw an increase of 18% in sales of models between 651cc and 1000cc.

Steve Kenward, MCIA CEO issued the following statement: “With new registrations up 10% and Motorcycle Live attendance up by the same, we are optimistic we will see similar levels of growth for the next 12 months.”

Another interesting find from the MCIA was the upward trend of the number of powered two wheelers (PTWs) being used on the road. Government statistics show the number of PTWs licensed for the road has increased to 1,326,500 – the highest figure registered for 5 years, and nearly double the number of the road in 1994.

Kenward added: “With sales of smaller bikes making up nearly half of all new sales and the rise in the total number of PTWs on the road, it is clear that increasing numbers of people are swapping to two wheels as a means of avoiding daily traffic jams.

We predict an increasing number of people will switch to PTWs as a means of avoiding the misery of commuting by car and expect this to become a long term trend tracking the projected rise in congestion.”

 Lets hope 2015 can continue the rise in new motorcycle sales especially with some fantastic new machines being released this year. Don’t forget you can get your motorcycle insured through Devitt now.

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