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Yamaha YBR250 Review

Yamaha YBR250 Overview

For quite some time there was a gap in the series of Yamaha bikes that existed between a beginner’s 125 cc and the more power driven bikes. That is where the YBR125 nicely fits into the slot as it is quick, easy to ride and fun to be on.

Those riders who are looking to step up from the 125cc will find the YBR250 provides a thrilling adrenaline rush. It is powerful enough to cruise along effortlessly at motorway speeds without breaking a sweat. The single cylinder 249cc engine offers 21bhp and it is a bike which feels easy to handle and comfortable overall.

The riding potion is perfect and very natural; the controls are within easy reach. It probably is one of the easiest bikes to ride around town. Thankfully, the mirrors are very effective on this model especially in busy city traffic. The seating is low which makes it comfortable for shorter riders to balance the bike with both feet planted evenly on the ground.

The bike is reasonably good to look and has an airy city style to it. The company has added a few extras to make it appear more attractive to the younger segment with tank scoops, faired in lights and a funky tail-unit. While the quality of materials used is what we would expect from a budget priced bike, the engine is definitely exceptional in quality and performance.

Yamaha YBR250 Spec

Seat height 805mm
Weight 138kg
Engine Air cooled, four stroke, single cylinder
Capacity 249cc
Average fuel consumption 52mpg
Top speed 90mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:JimCReview Date: May 2017
Ride Quality
Build Quality & Reliability
Engine Rating
It's a mistake to think of this bike as a 250 really. If you think of it as a 250 and then think of old school 250s then it's sadly gutless. If on the other hand you think of it as equivalent to a pre cat 200 then its adequately powerful, with very smooth and even power delivery, even if it does start running out of breath in the top half of the rev range.
Brake Rating
Running Cost
The catalytic converter and the 5bhp consequently missing at the top of the rev range.
Pros CommentsEven power delivery and no low rev hesitation. It's a very pleasant, even (pace fuel consumption) excellent suburban commuter, completely at home in 30, 40 and 50mph limits and way better than a 125 for the job. While it will do 70mph on the motorway, it seems a bit unkind to it.
Cons CommentsThe catalytic converter and the 5bhp consequently missing at the top of the rev range.

Average Rating

Ride Quality
Build Quality
Engine Quality
Brake Rating
Running Cost
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