Yamaha FZ8 Overview

Yamaha has always been known to produce bikes that offer value for money, apart from being a pleasure to ride and being fun too. This was evident in the FZ series and later the XJ 6. One of the later bike introductions was the FZ8 model.  It came with an increase in engine capacity  -779cc, and was more a performance driven bike with a swingarm and a cast alloy frame, accompanied by a rather expensive price tag. It was introduced with the purpose of catering to bikers in Europe and to rival its main competitor Kawasaki. The FZ8 is surprisingly easy enough for any level rider to hop on to ride and is a pleasure to commute on.

While it has a crankcase that is similar to the FZ1, it does offer a lighter crankshaft that gives it a speedier response and has a capacity decrease due to its smaller cylinder bores. The fuelling and the stroke length is similar to the FZ1 which offers an abundance of power at all levels. It gives out 60ft lb torque with a 106bhp which may not seem that great, but fares well enough. If you want to ride a bike that offers a hassle free experience and decent power output – the FZ8 has it all.

Despite its sports chassis and swingarm, the bike surprisingly features a non-adjustable suspension at the front and is pre-loaded at the rear. As a result the front suspension could have been better although the rear performs okay. Apart from the not too great suspensions, the bike is smooth to ride and ideal for city traffic as well as the open motorway.

Yamaha FZ8 Spec

Seat height815mm
EngineLiquid cooled, four stroke, forward-inclined transverse four cylinder
Average fuel consumption39mpg
Top speed133mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:Neil PhillipsReview Date: March 2017
Can get a numb bum when riding for long time
Ride Quality
Nothing bad to say
Build Quality & Reliability
Nothing bad to say
Engine Rating
Nothing bad to say
Brake Rating
Could be better
Running Cost
Better seat and a bigger capacity for petrol
Pros CommentsI absolutely love this bike it's like having a second wife.
Cons CommentsBetter seat and a bigger capacity for petrol

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Build Quality
Engine Quality
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