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Yamaha FZR400 Review

Yamaha FZR400 Overview

While its main rival Honda outperformed the FZR 400, and it was just a tad bit slower than the Kawasaki 400 cc bike, this Yamaha bike still had its fair share of fans. Its highlights were its high rev engine and great handling, including around corners. Also its cheaper price tag meant it was popular on the racing track as well as with city commuting.

This bike features a four cylinder 16v DOHC engine that is liquid cooled with impressive revving up to 14,000 rpm. The downside is that despite its high rev rate nothing much transpires if you keep it beneath 5000 rpm. Probably the reason this bike became so popular for racing was its easy riding style and excellent manoeuvrability. What made it unique was that anyone could hop on and ride without any hassles. It offers great lean angles because of its lightweight and adaptability, which makes it a sheer pleasure to ride.

In terms of durability, the bike tends to age in adverse weather conditions, especially in the frosty British winters and in seaside towns. Other key areas which need regular servicing and maintenance include the engine, clutch and brakes.

Overall the bike is impressive in performance with a great engine so if you want a bike that offers a blend of stable power and city usability, the FZR 400 is a good bet.

Yamaha FZR400 Spec

Seat height 785mm
Weight 160kg
Engine Liquid cooled, four stroke, DOHC, 4v
Capacity 399cc
Average fuel consumption 45mpg
Top speed 130mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:Jack Jack EvansReview Date: May 2017
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Having lower rise bars so you an do u turns easier
Pros CommentsThe high engine sounds amazing. Lovely first bike would recommend.
Cons CommentsHaving lower rise bars so you an do u turns easier

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