Suzuki Gladius 650 Overview

The Suzuki Gladius 650 is an upgraded version of the SV650 and considering the SV650 was a quality bike to own, at first glance you might wonder how Suzuki could have improved upon it.  The Gladius 650 has a more modernised and sophisticated look to be sure, but the real changes have taken place to the motor which is now a smooth and punchy V-twin engine which is 10% more reliable and more efficient than its predecessor.

What Suzuki have ultimately done is to take everything that was great about the SV650 and apply it to the Gladius 650 with some fun and exciting improvements.  It is a great entry level bike but one which will hold its own for experienced riders at the same time whilst also being a fantastic budget option.  It falls a little on the heavier side, coming in at 202kg with some reports of tipping when taking sharper corners but providing you keep this in mind when riding, you should have little trouble.

At £4500 this is a bargain of a bike and yet it manages to look like a motor which could easily have cost twice that amount.  You don’t get many fancy additions for the price tag and the technology is basic but in terms of how the bike looks, how it is finished and how it rides, you are definitely snapping up a good deal if you purchase a Gladius 605.  Think reliable, think cheap and think fun and you have just about summed up the experience you can expect to have with the Gladius 650.

Suzuki Gladius 650 Spec

Seat height785mm
EngineLiquid cooled, four stroke, V-twin, 4v
Average fuel consumption40mpg
Top speed135mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:MtziReview Date: May 2017
Just come back from Wales after doing 700+miles
Ride Quality
V twin and yes takes corners well not the lightest bike and have dropped it whilst on a camber
Build Quality & Reliability
Never broken down
Engine Rating
Good performance and pretty nippy
Brake Rating
Brakes well
Running Cost
The weight cooled chop a few kilos off.
Pros CommentsBike suitable for me at the present time. V twin and can be lowered easily for short people.
Cons CommentsThe weight cooled chop a few kilos off.

Average Rating

Ride Quality
Build Quality
Engine Quality
Brake Rating
Running Cost
Overall Rating