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Ulster GP Record and Stats

Ulster Grand Prix Statistics and Race Records 

Top 25 fastest solo riders

It was way back in 1963 that Mike Hailwood set the first ever 100mph lap of the Dundrod circuit, some six years after the mark was achieved at both the North West 200 and Isle of Man TT – however, with the circuit layout remaining unchanged, it has since become the fastest circuit currently in use anywhere in the world with the outright lap record now standing at just over a staggering 134mph.

Although the North West 200 remained the fastest road race during the 1960s, 70s and 80s, the gradual introduction of more and more chicanes – something that only happened for at the Ulster in 1992 and 2000-2001 – slowed its progress and by the turn of the Millennium, Dundrod had taken over at the top of the pile.

With the first 120mph lap going the way of Joey Dunlop in 1984, the landmark year proved to be 2003 when Adrian Archibald set a new outright lap record for the course at June’s Dundrod 150 races. The lap was significant as it finally bettered Tom Herron’s lap of 127.63mph at the 1978 North West 200 which, up until Archibald’s stellar effort, was the fastest ever witnessed at a UK road race.

Guy Martin taking on Deers Leap

Guy Martin taking on Deers Leap

Since then, the lap speeds have continued to increase with the fast, flowing and smooth Dundrod course playing host to the best road racers in the world. Safety improvements, namely the removal of countless trees, fences and hedges have helped too and Guy Martin had the honour of setting the first official 130mph lap in 2006 although John McGuinness had actually achieved the speed in qualifying earlier that week.

29 riders have now lapped in excess of 130mph with Ian Hutchinson being the first to break the 134mph barrier in 2016. However, his mark only lasted one year as no less than five riders bettered this at a stunning 2017 meeting, Dean Harrison now having the honour of being the fastest road racer in the world with his new outright lap record standing at 134.614mph.

1.Dean Harrison1000 Kawasaki2017UGPSuperbike-13m17.928s134.614mph
2.Daniel Kneen1000 BMW2017UGPSuperbike-13m18.036s134.541mph
3.Bruce Anstey1000 Honda2017UGPSuperbike-13m18.249s134.396mph
4.Peter Hickman1000 BMW2017UGPSuperbike-13m18.507s134.222mph
5.Conor Cummins1000 Honda2017UGPSuperbike-13m18.565s134.183mph
6.Ian Hutchinson1000 BMW2016UGPSuperbike-23m18.704s134.89mph
7.Michael Dunlop1000 BMW2016UGPSuperbike-23m18.866s133.979mph
8.Guy Martin1000 Honda2010UGPSuperbike-23m19.540s133.527mph
9.Keith Amor1000 BMW2010UGPSuperbike-23m19.678s133.435mph
10.Cameron Donald1000 Suzuki2010UGPSuperbike-23m19.729s133.401mph
11.Gary Johnson1000 Honda2009UGPSuperbike-13m20.137s133.129mph
12.Lee Johnston1000 BMW2015UGPSuperbike-13m20.413s132.945mph
13.William Dunlop1000 Suzuki2014Dundrod1503m20.716s132.745mph
14.Davey Todd1000 Suzuki2018UGPSuperstock3m20.972s132.605mph
15.Ryan Farquhar1000 Kawasaki2009Dundrod1503m21.235s132.402mph
16.Derek Sheils1000 Suzuki2017UGPSuperbike-13m21.786s132.041mph
17.John McGuinness1000 Honda2007Dundrod1503m22.282s131.717mph
18.David Johnson1000 BMW2017Dundrod1503m22.688s131.453mph
19.Steve Mercer1000 Kawasaki2016UGPSuperbike-23m22.721s131.432mph
20.Paul Jordan1000 Kawasaki2018UGPSuperstock3m23.160s131.148mph
19.Ivan Lintin1000 Kawasaki2015Dundrod1503m23.278s131.072mph
20.Ian Lougher1000 Kawasaki2012UGPSuperstock3m23.578s130.873mph
21.Jamie Coward1000 BMW2017UGPSuperbike-13m23.768s130.756mph
22.Sam West1000 BMW2017UGPSuperbike-13m23.791s130.742mph
23.Jamie Hamilton1000 Kawasaki2013UGPSuperbike-23m24.018s130.596mph
24.Raymond Porter1000 Honda2006GPSuperbike-13m24.152s130.510mph
25.Daley Mathison1000 BMW2017UGPSuperbike-13m24.198s130.481mph

Fastest Newcomers

Two riders currently have the honour of lapping at more than 130mph on their debut, Dean Harrison and Peter Hickman, but one of the most impressive performances from a debutante came in 1999 from, perhaps unsurprisingly, David Jefferies.

Riding the V&M Yamaha R1, DJ not only set a stunning newcomer’s lap of 126.858mph, he also broke the outright lap record and won the second Superbike race!! That lap stood for 11 years before it was broken by Dan Kneen and that year in 2009 was particularly strong for first timers with Kneen, Aussie David Johnson, Brian McCormack, Derek Brien and Dan Stewart all recording impressive speeds.

PACEMAKER PRESS BELFAST 11/08/12: Dan Kneen on his Suzuki at the Hairpin during the first superbike race at the 2012 Ulster Grand Prix PHOTO BY SIMON PATTERSON/PACEMAKER

Dan Kneen on his Suzuki at the Hairpin during the first superbike race at the 2012 Ulster Grand Prix

Two years after Kneen had lapped at 129.254mph, Harrison added his name to the record books when he became the first ever newcomer to break the 130mph barrier. Riding the RC Express Racing Kawasaki, Harrison had already shone at that year’s TT and he brought that form to Dundrod with a series of top ten finishes.

However, he only held the title of best newcomer for two years himself as Hickman, just as he had done at the North West 200 and Isle of Man TT, set the fastest ever newcomers lap at the Ulster in 2014. His best lap was 131.198mph and, just a year later he turned that potential into reality when he won the second Superbike race.

The 2016 meeting saw Daniel Hegarty become the sixth fastest newcomer ever with the TT Privateer’s Champion lapping at almost 128mph as he posted a series of top twelve finishes.

1.Peter Hickman131.198mph2014
2.Dean Harrison130.230mph2012
3.Daniel Kneen129.254mph2010
4.Lee Johnston129.130mph2012
5.Horst Saiger127.833mph2015
6.Daniel Hegarty127.794mph2016
7.David Johnson127.720mph2010
8.Russ Mountford127.523mph2014
9.Brian McCormack127.149mph2010
10.David Jefferies126.858mph1999

Leading winners – Solos (6 wins or more)

It was in 1979 when Joey Dunlop won his first races at the Ulster Grand Prix, victory coming in the Superbike and 500cc races, and just as he did at practically everywhere he rode, he never stopped winning around Dundrod. With wins across the classes, Dunlop was still winning some 20 years later and although 1999 proved to be his last ever appearance around the 7.4-mile course, yet another win was taken in the Superbike class – making it 24 in total – whilst he was also on the podium in the second Superbike, and 125cc races too.

Onboard lap with Ian Louger…

The closest anyone has got to Dunlop’s record total is Ian Lougher who recorded 18 wins between 1992 and 2013, a mammoth 21-year period. Like Dunlop, Lougher had great versatility and the Welshman won races in the 125cc, 250cc, Supersport, Superbike, Superstock and Production categories.

Next up with 14 wins is Phillip McCallen who achieved all these victories in just a six year period, blazing a trail before him like he had done at both the North West 200 and TT. He’s three ahead of Guy Martin and Bruce Anstey who have 11 wins apiece and who are both still winning today, Kiwi Anstey having taken the feature Superbike race for the last two years.

Next up is Guy Martin who has 11 wins to his name whilst three Irish legends – Brian Reid, Robert Dunlop and Ryan Farquhar – all have nine wins whilst three motorcycle greats come after them with Stanley Woods, Giacomo Agostini and Mike Hailwood all having won at Dundrod on seven occasions. Local heroes Ray McCullough and William Dunlop also have seven wins to their name as does another Dundrod favourite Bob Jackson.

Peter Hickman moved onto six wins after taking a brace of victories at the 2018 meeting.

1.Joey Dunlop241979 – 1999
2.Ian Lougher181992 – 2013
3.Phillip McCallen141991 – 1996
4.Bruce Anstey132003 – Present
5.Guy Martin112006 – Present
6.Brian Reid91983 – 1992
=Robert Dunlop91990 – 2007
=Ryan Farquhar92002 – 2012
=Ian Hutchinson92007 – present
10.Stanley Woods71924 – 1939
=Mike Hailwood71959 – 1967
=Giacomo Agostini71967 – 1970
=Ray McCullough71971 – 1982
=Bob Jackson71979 – 1997
=William Dunlop72007 – present
16.John Surtees61955 – 1960
=John Williams61973 – 1978
=Michael Dunlop62011 – present
=Bill Swallow61994 – 2000
=Peter Hickman62015 – present

Leading podium finishes – Solos (10 or more)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Joey Dunlop tops the charts for the most number of podiums taken at the Ulster Grand Prix having taken 44 between 1976 and 1999. However, after sitting on 43 podiums for a number of years, Ian Lougher finally matched Dunlop’s tally in 2018 when, at the ripe old age of 55, he finished in third place in the opening Supertwins race.

There’s a big jump to the next highest total with Bruce Anstey some 13 behind Dunlop and Lougher with a total of 31 having taken another hat-trick of rostrums at the 2017 meeting, a win in the feature Superbike race and two second place finishes in the Supersport encounters.

Ryan Farquhar hasn’t competed at the Ulster since 2012 but his mastery of Dundrod can be seen in his 23 podiums and that puts him one place, and one podium, ahead of Guy Martin who would surely have added more to his collection in 2015 had he not crashed out spectacularly in the Dundrod 150 Superbike race.

Impressive stats for Griffiths

Jason Griffiths may not feature high on the winner’s list but he does on the podium chart with the Welshman having record an impressive 21 rostrums in a ten-year period and that puts him one ahead of the still competing William Dunlop who took another rostrum in the second Supersport race of 2016.

As expected, the list is packed with household, legendary names and both Michael Dunlop and Ian Hutchinson climbed higher up the chart after the 2016 meeting. Hutchinson’s five podiums from his five races saw him leap up to eighth overall, just one behind Griffiths and Dunlop.

Michael Dunlop is only one place further back on 19 podiums. This puts him level with Phillip McCallen, Tony Rutter and his dad Robert. Rutter’s tally is also impressive given fewer races being held in the 1970s whilst Robert Dunlop’s total includes no less than ten in the 125cc class.

Conor Cummins and Lee Johnston joined this chart after the 2017 meeting with the Manxman taking another podium in the Superbike class whilst Johnston added a brace in the two Supersport races. The duo further added to their totals in 2018 to climb even further up the list.

PACEMAKER BELFAST 13.8.16 Ulster Grand Prix Supersport Race. Winner Bruce Anstey (Valvoline Padgetts Honda)with runner up Ian Hutchinson (Came Yamaha) and third placed Conor Cummins (Valvoline Padgetts Honda) on the podium.

2016 Ulster Grand Prix podium featuring Anstey, Hutchy and Cummins credit Stephen Davidson

1.Joey Dunlop441976 – 1999
2.Ian Louger431991 – 2013
3.Bruce Anstey312002 – Present
4.Ryan Farquhar231997 – 2012
5.Guy Martin222005 – Present
6.Jason Griffiths211994 – 2004
7.William Dunlop212005 – Present
8.Ian Hutchinson202006 – Present
9.Tony Rutter191974 – 1984
=Robert Dunlop191990 – 2007
=Phillip McCallen191989- 1996
=Michael Dunlop192006 – Present
13.Brian Reid171982 – 1993
14.Adrian Archibald152000 – 2012
15.Conor Cummins142007 – present
16.Iain Duffus131992 – 2003
=Lee Johnston132012 – present
18.Ray McCullough121969 – 1982
19.John Hartle111955 – 1968
=Mike Hailwood111959  1967

Most wins in a day

1996 – Phillip McCallen (Superbike 1 and 2, Supersport 600cc, 250cc 1 and 2)

Just like the North West 200, only one man has won five races in a day and it was again Phillip McCallen who achieved the feat, this time in 1996. Four years after he’d taken all before him on the Causeway Coast, he did the same at Dundrod winning both Superbike races, both 250cc races and the Supersport 600cc encounter.

The closest anyone has come to McCallen’s five-timer is Guy Martin and Ian Hutchinson who won four races in a day respectively in 2006 and 2016 – strangely enough, these multiple wins came at ten-year intervals, 1996, 2006 and 2016.

Riding the AIM Racing Yamaha’s, Martin won both Superbike races and both Supersport races with his only defeat coming in the Superstock class where he finished a close second to Bruce Anstey. Hutchinson, meanwhile, had his day just this August taking both Superbike races and the Superstock race on the Tyco BMW’s and the second Supersport encounter on Keith Flint’s Team Traction Control Yamaha. He took second in his fifth ride, just losing out to Bruce Anstey in the opening Supersport race.

Incidentally, the first rider to win three races in a day was John Williams who took victory in the 1973 250cc, 350cc and 500cc races – a year later, he became the first man to do it at the North West 200 too.

In total, eleven riders have won three more races in a day :

John Williams (1973)
Tom Herron (1978)
Joey Dunlop (1984, 1985 and 1995)
Phillip McCallen (1993, 1994 and 1996)
Ian Lougher (2002 and 2005)
Darran Lindsay (2002)
Bruce Anstey (2004)
Guy Martin (2006 and 2013)
Ian Hutchinson (2010)
Michael Dunlop (2011)
Lee Johnston (2015)
Peter Hickman (2017)

Current Lap Records 

The current lap records at the Ulster Grand Prix…

CategoryRider(s)BikeYearTimeAverage Speed
OutrightDean HarrisonSilicone Engineering Kawasaki ZX-10R20173’17.928134.614mph
SuperbikeDean HarrisonSilicone Engineering Kawasaki ZX-10R20173’17.928134.614mph
Supersport 600ccLee JohnstonBurdens/ECC Triumph 67520153’26.681128.913mph
SuperstockDean HarrisonSilicone Engineering Kawasaki ZX-10R20183’19.801133.835mph
SupertwinsIvan LintinDafabet Devitt Racing Kawasaki ER6 650cc20173’41.292120.402mph
Lightweight 250ccDarran LindsayRoy Hanna Motors 250 Honda20063’38.634121.866mph
Ultra-Lightweight 125ccWilliam DunlopPJ Flynn 125 Honda20093’55.017113.370mph
Moto 3Christian ElkinWylie Racing Honda 25020154’06.315108.170mph
Supersport 400ccCallum LaidlawRT&E Racing Yamaha FZR40020173’57.323112.269mph
Challenge SuperbikePeter HickmanIce Valley by Motorsave BMW S100R20143’24.303130.414mph
National 750ccLee JohnstonMillsport Racing Honda CBR600RR20123’36.269123.198mph
Fastest FemalePatricia FernandezMagic Bullet Yamaha YZF-3620183’39.962121.130mph

Current Race Records 

The current race records at the Ulster Grand Prix…

Category Rider(s)BikeYearRace Time Av Speed
Superbike (8 laps)Conor CumminsMcAdoo Racing Kawasaki ZX-10R200926’32.461131.373mph
Superbike (7 laps)Bruce AnsteyPadgetts Honda RCV-213201723:12:050133.180mph
Superbike (6 laps)Ian HutchinsonTyco BMW S1000RR201620’04.228132.379mph
Superbike (5 laps)Bruce AnsteyRelentless by TAS Racing Suzuki GSXR1000201016’45.615132.029mph
Supersport (6 laps)Lee JohnstonBurdens/ ECR Triumph 675201520’52.997127.227mph
Supersport (5 laps)Michael DunlopStreet Sweep Yamaha YFZ-R6201117’37.949125.498mph
Superstock (6 laps)Lee JohnstonBurdens/ ECR BMW S1000R201520’14.991131.206mph
Superstock (5 laps)Ian HutchinsonPadgetts Honda CBR1000RR201016’59.711130.204mph
Supertwins (5 laps)Ivan LintinDafabet Devitt Racing ER6 650cc Kawasaki201718:35:574119.015mph
Supertwins (4 laps)Ryan FarquharKMR ER6 650cc Kawasaki201215’07.279116.972mph
250cc (6 laps)Darran LindsayRoy Hanna Motors 350 Honda200622’07.158120.127mph
125cc (5 laps)Ian LougherBarnes/Jackson Racing 125 Honda200912’59.165110.719mph
Moto 3 (5 laps)Paul RobinsonCB Racing Honda 250201720:10:345109.696mph
Supersport 40ccCallum LaidlawRT&E Racing Yamaha FZR400201719:59:389110.698mph

Information provided by Phil Wain. 

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