Best Gadgets for Motorcyclists

Published: July 15, 2014

What else do you need for an enjoyable ride apart from some riding gear, your trusty motorbike and a great stretch of road?  You need some motorcycle gadgets, of course.  Here are some gizmos we at Devitt think are worth taking a look at.

Motorcycle GPS

Like the GPS system for a car, a motorcycle GPS will tell you where you need to go in order to get to your desired destination.  Of course, the motorcycle versions are designed specifically for motorbikes so they are waterproof and are glove friendly.  There are many makes and models around at the moment.  Some are equipped with Bluetooth and will speak directions right into your headset; their battery life tends to range from 3 to 5 hours.



Communication System

In the old days, you and your riding buddy will only be able to speak to one another at pit stops or at the end of a ride.  However, there are now advanced communication systems that will make riding with other bikers or passengers much more social.

For example, the Scala Rider Q2 Pro Multiset Communication System is basically an intercom set that will allow you to catch up with your riding buddy through pre-paired headsets.  You will be able to chat with each other even if you are miles apart, and you can also listen to your MP3 player while being connected to the system.


Helmet Camera

This is a perfect addition if you want to take pictures of your journeys and share them with others.  Top of the range models such as the GoPro Motorsport Hero Wide Lens HD Digital Camera System allows multiple mounting points.  They are also equipped with noise and vibration cancelling technology, ensuring your pictures and videos will come out sharp and clear.

Personal GPS Satellite Messenger

More than anything else, this type of gadget gives your friends and family peace of mind when you embark on bike rides.  Not only will these devices keep track of where you are, they will also send messages to pre-configured recipients to let them know that you are ok or if you need help.  Some models such as the SPOT II Personal GPS Satellite Messenger will even send your exact coordinates and a handy map so you can be found quickly.

Grip warmers

Grip warmers

Having grip warmers on your bike will definitely make your riding friends green with envy. Symtec Heat Demons Metric Standard Grip Warmers come with four levels of heat so when the temperature drops, your fingers will still feel warm and snug.

These are just a few gadgets available on the market that are perfect for motorcyclists who are looking to enhance their biking trips. They can allow you to get so much more out of your rides while remaining safe and in control of your journey.

So, which is your favourite? What gadget would you recommend to your fellow bikers?

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