Top 10 Motorcycle Smartphone Games

If you’re looking for a past time when you’re out and about or in the comfort of your own home this is the Top 10 for you. We’ve put together our favourite motorcycle gaming apps for you to download on your smartphone and enjoy. The best part about it is they’re all free, although if you really enjoy them there are add-ons that can be purchased in game. Sounds good, right?

Real Moto

Available on: App Store, Google Play, Android, Kindle Fire

Price: Free

This game features over 150 challenges for you to enjoy, with 11 different motorbikes in which you can customize and hit the track on to take on the world. The real-time world record competition will keep you tearing up the track at high speed for hours, working your way up the leader boards.

There are numerous viewpoints and controls for you to choose in order to reach your potential and the realistic speeds and motorcycle sounds make the game seem rather realistic. The graphics are also impressive for a handheld device, with the speedometer and other figures appearing next to your rider making the game ever more exciting.

The difficulty varies in campaign mode depending on how far through your campaign you are and the tracks you are competing on.

Trial Xtreme 4

Available on: App Store, Google Play, Android, Kindle Fire

Price: Free

Downloaded over 150 million times on the App store alone, Trial Extreme 4 will put your balance and trickery to the test. Use the on screen buttons to stay upright over the tricky virtual courses on your trials bike.

As the name suggests, Trail Extreme boasts taking everything to the extreme, such as the Extreme Tournaments Arena where you will compete against other players around the world to win cash and other amazing prizes. As well as this, Extreme Duals give you a chance to double your money, Extreme Courses mean this will not be easy, and Extreme Upgrades ensure your bike is well equipped in order to improve performance.

Compete against your friends in one of the trickiest, yet most enjoyable games in our Top 10, just remember, practice makes perfect!

MotoGP Racing ‘19

Available on: App Store, Google Play, Android, Kindle Fire

Price: Free

Unleash your inner Marc Marquez or Valentino Rossi wherever you are with this handheld version of MotoGP 2019. This game is a bit more advanced in terms of timing when compared to the others, you need to think about timing on the throttle, timing on the brakes and placement on the track at all times.

Take your favourite rider to the top of the podium and race with them at the actual tracks that feature in the MotoGP! Challenge your friends and show them who is the boss of the track and top the leaderboard. The Global Division ensures your success and progress is tracked as you will rise through the divisions the better you perform, with the very best in Division 1.

With official riders and brands, you will start as a rookie on basic machinery, though the further you go, the more you will unlock and before you know it, you’ll be competing against the elite riders of today.

Monster Energy Supercross Game

Available on: App Store, Google Play, Android, Kindle Fire

Price: Free

The Monster Energy Supercross Game takes you to official stadiums with the riders and bikes from the Monster Energy Supercross championship in 2017. Choose between a career mode in which you will compete in the Championships, alternating between four different race types, multiplayer mode against other players, or a real time competition during championship weekends.

As you improve, you will have opportunity to improve your bike’s acceleration, speed and grip, which will of course see you perform better on the world stage. The game is not easy and so it is vital these are upgraded, with challenging jumps, corners and curves to tackle, the adrenaline will sure be pumping.

You can track your friend’s progression and high scores using Facebook and take your reputation from “Newbie” to “Epic” level in the Multiplayer Challenges.

Retro Highway

Available on: App Store, Google Play, Android, Kindle Fire

Price: Free

Taking retro to a whole new level, Retro Highway is the next best thing to the great classic Road Rash on the Sega Genesis. With a real old-school vibe due to the pixelated graphics and easy controls, Retro Highway will take you back in time, which is quite ironic as you’ll be playing it on your state of the art smartphone!

Travel through six unique environments, completing tricky challenges in order to progress through the game, collecting coins and high scores alone the way. The locations vary from the desert to the moon, with bikes and upgrade options to match there is plenty of variety, yet the simplicity of old is ever present.

As this is the modern day and not 1991 (the year Road Rash was introduced), you can of course compete against your friends and the world thanks to the online leaderboards.

Death Moto 4

Available on: App Store, Google Play, Android, Kindle Fire

Price: Free

This app comes with an age rating of 16 year plus due to the violence, though for those over the required age, it is really entertaining and rather different to the other games featured. It reminds us of a modern day Road Rash, whereby knocking others out the way is the aim of the game.

There are ten different motorcycles for you to choose from and upgrade, adding machine guns, rocket launchers and other weapons to defeat your opponents. You will have to dodge the traffic and attacks from enemy riders in the pursuit in order to stay alive, so thinking fast and having lightning quick reactions is key.

This is not the game if you’re looking to relax, more one for a real adrenaline seeker.

Bike Race Free – Top Motorcycle Racing Games

Available on: App Store, Google Play, Android, Kindle Fire

Price: Free

Voted App Store Game of the Year in selected countries and downloaded over 300 million times; this addictive handheld game will keep you entertained for hours. This app will see you become a motocross racer tackling hundreds of tricky tracks with challenging ramps, loops and everything in between.

Ride through each circuit, earning stars which will see you unlocking new levels and taking on tougher challenges. It is not only levels you will progress through, but you will progress through different worlds. The challenge does not stop there; one of the best things about this app is that you can easily play against your friends, or anyone from around the world. There is also a chatroom in which you can communicate with your competition.

The controls couldn’t be easier, simply tilt your device to control your motorbike and touch the screen to accelerator or brake.

Traffic Rider

Available on: App Store, Google Play, Android, Kindle Fire

Price: Free

If you’re a fan of the well-known Traffic Racer, you’ll be familiar with the way this game works. As you may have guessed from the name, the aim is to avoid the slow moving traffic on the highway and reach the finish line in good time.

The graphics for the game are exceptional, with the first person camera view adding to the gaming experience, with the realism added to further by the real life recorded bike sounds.

The faster you go, the higher you will score, with over 70 missions in a career mode format, online leader boards and achievements to be unlocked, this game will put your high speed riding to the test. Earn cash to upgrade your motorcycle in order to achieve higher scores and travel at faster speeds… Just be sure to avoid the traffic!

Motorbike Driving: Real Motorbike GP Simulator

Available on: App Store, Google Play, Android, Kindle Fire

Price: Free

Hit the streets of Tokyo on your GP motorcycle, avoiding the oncoming traffic and other GP bikes to drive more kilometres than the competitors. Choose your character to tackle the simulator challenges and compete in world competitions to achieve the best score.

There is more to think about that simply dodging these fast-moving obstacles however, as it is vital you don’t run out of gasoline while out on the road. The brilliant graphics added to the fact the circuit recreates the buildings, temples and city of Tokyo, really bringing the game to life.

If arcade motorcycle simulators are your thing, you’ll be sure to love Motorbike Driving: Real Motor Bike GP Simulator.

Riptide GP: Renegade

Available on: App Store, Google Play, Android, Kindle Fire

Price: Free

Granted, this is not your average motorcycle game, mainly because you are riding a hydrojet rather than a bike, though this makes Riptide GP rather refreshing, yet you still get the thrill of riding a motorbike. On what can be described as a motorcycle without wheels, racing through flooded cities and waterways in very futuristic settings.

With various game modes to choose from including career mode, online and multiplayer with plenty of different locations and vehicles to choose from, this game never seems to get boring.

The further you go in career mode the more money you collect and more vehicles and characters you unlock. If you’re looking for a motorcycle game with a twist, look no further!

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