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In no particular order, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite blockbuster movies that featured motorcycles; from action movies to classic cult and comedies, only the best feature a motorcycle of some kind. BMW, Triumph and Harley-Davidson are just some of the manufacturers to appear on the big screen. Let’s see who’s made the cut…


The 2018 release of Venom was one of the first times we saw the highly-anticipated Ducati Scrambler and it didn’t disappoint fans. The Marvel movie sees Hardy’s character, Eddie taking to the streets in chase whilst fighting to stop Venom from taking over.

Hardy is a well known figure in the motorcycling world, and it’s not the first he’s been seen on two wheels both on and off screen!

Take a look below…

Mission Impossible 

Well it’s hard to pick just one and there are plenty of bikes in the Mission Impossible catalogue that deserve a shout-out. We’ll start from the beginning with the Mission: Impossible II that featured the iconic Triumph Speed Triple and Daytona 955i.

This movie was released in 2000 before BMW moved in with their motorcycles, but thanks to this movie the Speed Triple is still making sales now.

Of course, Mission: Impossible III saw the Triumph Bonneville make its first movie debut – still a very popular model with bikers today – although there’s not a lot of riding action, there’s enough to gain attention for this model. It was later auctioned off for almost $30k!

Rouge Nation introduced us to the BMW era with the S1000RR being the weapon of choice for this movie.  This was then followed by the BMW R nineT Scrambler for the Mission: Impossible Fallout movie. It soon became one of the most desirable BMW bikes on the market, and it was clear to see why with multiple sequences throughout the film!

The Great Escape

Iconic. Legendary. The cream of the crop – it’s everyone’s firm favourite, The Great Escape. Triumph featured with their T6 model for this film, and it’s one everyone knows about. Arguably the best motorcycle movie there is, The Great Escape is known for the iconic jump scene by McQueen, that was actually performed by his friend Bud Ekins due to insurance and safety concerns.

The original machine is now on display at Triumph’s headquarters in Hinckley.

Wild Hogs

Released in 2007 and still one of the best motorcycle comedies to date, Harley Davidson has the honour of providing motorcycles for this film. It featured the XL1200C Sportster Custom, FXSTS Springer Softail, Black Fatboy and Screamin’ Eagle Fatboy – iconic bikes in their own rights.

Tim Allen is a self-confessed motorcycle enthusiast and had a lot of input in the design of his Black Fatboy featuring an epic chrome front wheel.

James Bond, Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig as James Bond in the Quantum of Solace takes a very heavily-modified Honda Montesa Cota for a high-chased, Bond inspired scene, as always. It’s not all about the fast cars and lovely ladies, there have been quite a few motorcycles featured in Bond movies including the BMW E1200C in Tomorrow Never Dies to the iconic sidecar number on the Kawasaki Z900 in The Spy Who Loved Me.

It’s the same bike that was used in The Bourne Ultimatum a year earlier.

Kill Bill 

The iconic yellow motorbike is one we can’t forget off this list, the Kawasaki ZZR 250! Uma Thurman is hard to miss in this with her matching yellow leathers, helmet and motorcycle but it leads us to one of the most epic motorcycle scenes in history.

The Matrix Reloaded

Another feature from Ducati in this iconic movie with the Ducati 996 being the weapon of choice for main character Trinity; for the chase scene, a 1.5 mile highway was designed specifically to film on with stunt rider Debbie Evans taking on the challenge, and surviving the head-on collision too!

It’s epic in all proportions. Take a watch below…

Tron Legacy

Fitted with a Suzuki 996cc engine, we mean it’s not the most practical or comfortable looking machine but it certainly looks the part for the Tron Legacy. It’s a piece of artwork to be admired and although it’s not one you can buy for yourself, you could always book your next holiday to Shanghai Disneyland and have a ride of the Tron Light Cycle rollercoaster?

Its futuristic vibe remains a firm favourite with motorcyclists across the globe, possibly the highlight of the whole film…

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo honoured the rise of the café race with the choice of motorbike for main character Lisbeth, a Honda CB350. The machine had a complete overhaul for the movie with the 1960’s electronics being replaced, as well as a bigger battery put in to help with the long days of filming.

In total, there were 3 motorbikes which were all identical built for the film.

Easy Rider

Finally, we’ve got the iconic Easy Rider movie and it’s a cult classic for bikers around the world. The tale of two bikers going on the ultimate adventure on their Harley’s from L.A. to New Orleans.

The bikes in questions are 1959 Harley-Davidson Captain Hydra-Glides which were purchased at police auction then customised with the American flag on the tank to the iconic ultra-high back bar seat.

Take a little look at them making cinematic history…

What’s your favourite movie motorcycle?

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avatarDennis Kruegersays:

My favorite biker movie bike is “The Dragon Bike , from the 1966 movie – The Wild Angels. The one that Peter Fonda rode in that movie. Was the Dragon Bike Peter’s personal Bike ? If not, who owned and built it ? Who might be the current owner, if it still exist ?

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