Top 10 Must Have Gifts for Bikers 

Looking for the perfect gift for the biker in your life? Look no further, we’ve picked our top 10 must have gift ideas for any motorcyclist.

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You can never go wrong with clothing, whether it’s a pair of new gloves or a comical t-shirts. Check out some of our favourite pieces…

Drop a gear and disappear t-shirt – £15.49 
Problem solved biker t-shirt – £9.99 
Motorcycle conversation t-shirt – £20 
Evolution of motorbikers t-shirt – £12.99
Biker chick t-shirt – £30
Baby motorcross t-shirt – £13  



Drift HD Ghost-S Video Action Camera – £249.99

Ghost HD Camera

Ghost HD Camera

If you’re planning to blow-the-budget this Christmas then it’s time to invest in a helmet camera.

It’s a great way to capture all the adventure you’ll be having on your motorcycle in the upcoming months – whether it’s a tour, a ride-out or a charity run, it’s the perfect way to capture the memories.

Drift HD can be fitted to your helmet, it’s waterproof and has an extended battery life. Best of all, you can hook it up to the WiFi and control it from your phone (instant playback).

RoadHawk Bullet R+ – £159.95 

RoadHawk Motorcycle Camera

RoadHawk Motorcycle Camera

Equally, you could try out the new RoadHawk Bullet R+ if your budget is a little smaller. One simple to operate camera with large memory, the camera comes with an 8GB memory which allows 90 minutes of high quality video footage.

The 135 degree viewing angle allows you to capture quality footage of the road ahead. The camera is also waterproof, which is needed with our unpredictable British weather!


Looking for the perfect stocking filler gift? Check out these great biking accessories and novelty bits that will do just the trick. We’ve got it covered from the ultimate pizza chopper to a beautifully personalised biker themed necklace for that special person in your life.

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Motorbike Cufflinks – £12.99 
Pizza cutter – £7.99  
Buff from £16 
Motorbike mug – £7 
Personalised motorcycle necklace – £10
Personalised poster – £12.50
Personalised bottle opener – £12.50 


Ready to blow the budget for a once in a lifetime experience? Why not look at purchasing a track day for the biker in your life. There’s plenty on offer, and you can find out more about your local circuit here.

Fancy an action-packed day out? Why not book tickets to the Arenacross 2018 UK tour! Tickets start from only £18 and you’re promised a great evening full of stunts, flips and pure amazement.

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Looking to further your training? There’s lots of advanced training programs available on the market these days, including MotoScotland and Total Advanced Training.

What’s your must have biker gift? Leave your ideas in the comments below!