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Yamaha YZF 1000 Thunderace Review

Yamaha YZF 1000 Thunderace Overview

When Yamaha decided to manufacture the YZF 1000 their aim was to be among the top superbikes around at the time. The irony is that the YZF1000 turned out to be a better cruiser than a supermoto bike, although it is amazingly quick. If you want a superbike that is massive and makes a statement with ample seating room for two, you have got to try out the YZF1000.

Its humongous five valve engine is tried and tested; while 147bhp may not seem all that much (in comparison to modern bikes), its amazing torque is well distributed which makes it smooth throughout, robust and agile even if the transmission is a bit off-key.

While the new generation of superbikes may seem to be eons ahead of retro bikes, the YZF1000 is by no means a relic from the past. With a chunky chassis it can travel long distances with relative ease and in total comfort thanks to its comfortable seating arrangement and its broad seat. The riding position is great and its ample fairing gives adequate protection from the wind. While the bike’s undercarriage is susceptible to damage, for extended off-road riding it still offers the best riding experience among 1000 cc bikes.

The only downside is that Yamaha has never really come out tops in terms of quality of finish – the YZF 1000 is a good example of this. Any Thunderace bike exposed for an extended period to inclement weather tends to suffer corrosion.

Yamaha YZF 1000 Thunderace Spec

Seat height 795mm
Weight 198kg
Engine Liquid cooled, four stroke, transervse four cylinder, DOHC
Capacity 1002cc
Average fuel consumption 35mpg
Top speed 165mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:SeanReview Date: May 2017
Exciting ride but certainly not a tourer. Can't see it been any comfort for the million either.
Ride Quality
Hard ride, anything beyond 25mls is a push. A heavy bike but corners well.
Build Quality & Reliability
Build is good standard. Mine has some mods by previous owner, raised Renthal handle bars so chopped screen and front fairing. Still no problems.
Engine Rating
From my experience it pulls however my previous GSXR 1100 was a lot stronger.
Brake Rating
Brakes are good. Not sure on what system.
Running Cost
Would love to standardize her again.
Pros CommentsThis bike is exciting to ride, very responsive to throttle change and ready to rampage in a quick necessary overtake manoeuvre. Handlebar mod not quite my cup of tea but not bad, unfortunate for the fairing mods that were a consequence. Over nice bike but not so good long distance.
Cons CommentsWould love to standardize her again.

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Build Quality
Engine Quality
Brake Rating
Running Cost
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