Yamaha XSR900 Overview

One of the most versatile and usable bikes made by Yamaha, the XSR 900 is impressive both in terms of performance and price.

It is also very easy to personalise the bike to your likin, thanks to the vast array of accessories made available by the company. The company has got things spot on with its retro style which made it a hit with bike lovers.  Its inline triple design is borrowed from another classic – the MT-09, and the bike comes with standard ABS, fuelling map and traction control.

The engine used is similar to the one kitted out in the Mt-09 and gives the same output – 115bhp at 10,000 rpm. Its torque output is an impressive 6405lbs at 8500 rpm.

The bike’s stability makes it easy to handle with a terrific road hugging grip that works perfectly on the sharpest bends and tightest corners. While the forks and the shock absorbers are retained from the MT-09, it comes with improved setting and springs that can be adjusted as per the weight distribution and riding position. That said, it does not have the superbike feel that riders associated with the MT-09.

Another plus with the bike is that despite its affordable price the quality of the bike is exceptionally good. The accessories, brackets and fuel tank are aluminium which adds quality to the bike.

Yamaha XSR900 Spec

Seat height830mm
EngineLiquid cooled, four stroke, DOHC, 12v
Average fuel consumption
Top speed150mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:Andrew WrightReview Date: March 2017
Comfy ergonomics with a relaxed, upright seating position and a nice reach to the bars. Low and central pegs give plenty of leg room, too. Wind blast is as much/ little of an issue as on other naked bikes; the front instrument and light assembly does nothing to aid wind deflection as, for example, Kawasaki's Z series but the interference is minimal making the air that hits you clean and tolerable.
Ride Quality
The uprated assembly present here emphasises the poor set up given to this bike's donor; the MT09. Adjustable front and back for rebound and preload it does everything it needs to for road use.
Build Quality & Reliability
Typically Yamaha, they're not so well established by chance. The switchgear and user input controls aren't BMW standard but don't feel flimsy or delicate. Mechanical components are second to none.
Engine Rating
With typically upper middleweight naked bike 115-ish bhp, it appears under powered compared to the latest generation of power bikes. For a bike designed for road use, it has more than enough power for road use.
Brake Rating
Twin discs at the front and single rear provide plenty of stopping power, more than enough for day to day use and enough to give you confidence ahead of those emergency moments. The initial bite is disappointing and leaves a lot of room for improvement.
Running Cost
Initial brake bite
Pros CommentsThe MT09 was a bike with a great engine but lacked quality suspension, assist and slipper clutch and traction control. The low weight, uniquely brilliant triple engine and all-day comfort have been combined with lacking elements, heritage, pedigree and gloriously sexy looks to deliver what the retro market has been missing…something with enough power to flirt on the dangerous side of fun.
Cons CommentsInitial brake bite

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