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Peugeot Tweet 125 Review

Peugeot Tweet 125 Overview

If you are looking for something that is light, zippy and easy to ride through city traffic, the answer is the Peugeot Tweet 125. A scooter rather than a bike, it is the perfect option for commuting in the city.

It features an air-cooled 125 cc engine that churns out a modest 8.25 bhp but compensates for the lack of torque with its light weight. Consequently it is relatively nippy in comparison to other scooters in the same class.

Its 16” wheelbase makes it easy to negotiate over uneven surfaces and potholes, but as expected is not too stable at top speed. Nevertheless, if you are at driving at a reasonable speed it is great on the turns. The fuel tank holds 5.7 litres and gives an appreciable 80 mpg. The scooter comes with a glove-box, an inbuilt luggage rack and pillion leg-rests.

In terms of reliability, quality of materials and accessories the bike is very good. While the bike may not be anything fanciful, it is the best bargain commuter in the market. Those going in for a new model get a two year warranty from the manufacturer. For those starting out on two wheelers this is the best bike both in terms of handling and reliability, while also being low on maintenance.

Peugeot is an established brand name and they have ensured that the bike lives up to the label in all aspects. For those on the lookout for a vehicle that offers value for money, this is the best option. After all, at under £2k you cannot expect to get a better deal.

Peugeot Tweet 125 Spec

Seat height 800mm
Weight 106kg
Engine Air cooled, single cylinder, 4v
Capacity 125cc
Average fuel consumption 80mpg
Top speed 62mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:Celine EganReview Date: May 2017
I love my moped, but have not had a pillion yet as only on a provisional licence. A really long and wide seat though which will be big enough for two.
Ride Quality
Quite smooth and lightweight and does what a moped should do. No complaints from me!
Build Quality & Reliability
I bought it second hand with 600 miles on the clock and so still low mileage with no issues. It does seem quite a strong well built moped though.
Engine Rating
Mine is the 50cc version and so limited to 30mph, but it does move quite well. A lot faster and better than my legs!
Brake Rating
Great braking system and grip, even when ridden in the rain.
Running Cost
Getting the seat to close after opening it, the clasp just doesn't grip great at all/
Pros CommentsMy first bike and so the freedom and being able to ride a bike is the best thing. A well built, strong moped with a bit of noise to the engine, which I find great as like to hear the sound of bikes. Glad I went for this model and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a moped.
Cons CommentsGetting the seat to close after opening it, the clasp just doesn't grip great at all/

Average Rating

Ride Quality
Build Quality
Engine Quality
Brake Rating
Running Cost
Overall Rating