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Kawasaki GPZ500 Review

Kawasaki GPZ500 Overview

Don’t be fooled by this bike, it may have some years behind it but it is nippy and incredibly reliable. The Kawasaki GPZ500 is a brilliant first bike for those who are looking for a ‘big bike’ and it is also a favourite with experienced riders because of its all-round performance. It is one of those bikes that you will keep coming back to, after all the more modern motorbikes have become mundane.

This motorbike is second to none on ride quality because of its lightweight and narrow frame which enables it to travel quickly on the roads. It is incredibly responsive and makes you feel like it’s a part of you when you’re winding around the lanes. However, just be wary of brakes and suspension because, even though they’re not of bad quality, they will need replacing sooner rather than later.

The Kawasaki GPZ500’s has an impressive 7000rpm, making it a swift accelerator. It has a 498cc, liquid cooled, parallel twin, four stroke engine that reaches top speeds of 125mph. The fuel consumption is pretty impressive at 44 mpg which is why many owners love this model, as well as the fact it engine is unwaveringly reliable, some even calling it “bullet proof”.

However, there are some issues that need to be taken into consideration; the brakes and suspension, as mentioned before, and the bodywork. The Kawasaki GPZ500 is known for easily getting a few bumps and scrapes so, if you’re looking to get one for a great price second hand, then be sure to check the bodywork as many of them would have been used for courier delivery and learner bikes.

Kawasaki GPZ500 Spec

Seat height 775mm
Weight 176kg
Engine Liquid cooled, four stroke, parallel twin, DOHC
Capacity 498cc
Average fuel consumption 44mpg
Top speed 125mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:SteveReview Date: March 2017
Bit solid on suspension
Ride Quality
Bit skittish on cornering
Build Quality & Reliability
Never broken down
Engine Rating
Good power band for engine size
Brake Rating
Not too bad. Rear brake a bit sluggish sometimes
Running Cost
Not a lot to improve. Nice little bike.
Pros CommentsAfter a 10 year lay off you couldn't get a better bike to start riding again. Right size engine with a decent power band when you need it.
Cons CommentsNot a lot to improve. Nice little bike.

Average Rating

Ride Quality
Build Quality
Engine Quality
Brake Rating
Running Cost
Overall Rating