The Mechanics of a BSB Racer

Published: June 22, 2015

British Superbike Championships are well and truly starting to heat up as we head into the fifth round. Check out Jordan’s latest video giving us a sneak peek into the mechanics of a BSB racer…

“There’s a lot of preparation that goes in to every race, my dad and I recorded a series of events which happened during round three at Oulton Park…

The first step on race day (which you didn’t see) is my pre-race morning routine. I start the day with a big bowl of Cheerios for breakfast – the slow releasing carbohydrates help me prepare for the day ahead.  I then have to prepare my arms, I get an unprofessional massage from my dad, which he hates doing!

Before we head down to the race awning I have to get all my gear on, stretch out in my leathers and limber up before the race. Dad and I jump on the moped and head down to start preparations to the bike and me.

We leave the race awning for the race start and I usually get a terrible motivational speech from Cy, my main mechanic, which always helps.

We get set up on the grid ready to race, the tyre warmers are left on for approximately 3-4 minutes to hold heat in the tyres, this helps with the initial laps as the tyres aren’t up to full temperature.

Now it’s time to race!

Once the race is complete, my team and I set out a table with posters for the public to come and get an autograph or a picture, I always like having a chat to everyone who comes over to the stand. It’s great to see the younger audience really enjoying the races too!

Overall it’s a busy day on Sunday’s but a very enjoyable one, depending on the race result but nothing beats the feeling of getting out in track!”


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