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Yamaha V-MAX Review

Yamaha V-MAX Overview

If you are looking for brute power in a motorbike then the answer is the Yamaha V-Max, which has been dubbed ominously by some as the MadMax of bikes. That sums up the calibre of the bike, which is a brute on wheels.

There were two models manufactured by the company with the 90s version sporting a meek 95 bhp and the later model loaded with a powerful 140bhp. The latter is the better of the two especially if you want a power oriented bike.

The power surge in the bike has to be experienced to be believed with it firing all guns once you step up above 4000rpm, when the V-boost fuel charging takes over. If you are an adrenaline junkie who craves speed, the sheer torque of the bike will leave you feeling satisfied.

In terms of the handling, this is a challenge with the bike’s massive weight which makes it seem as if the frame is pliable especially when jamming the brakes. Definitely a lot for amateur riders to handle!

The engine can be tweaked further with a variety of modifications and it will respond like it always does – a beast waiting to be let loose. The chassis could have been better built and it is prone to damage from water especially heavy rain.

The brakes and suspensions are about passable (could have been better), there is not much in terms of fuel economy and the pillion rest is anything but comfortable.

However, if you are a torque addict and confident about your riding skills, the V-Max could well be for you.

Yamaha V-MAX Spec

Seat height 765mm
Weight 274kg
Engine Liquid cooled, DOHC, V-Four, DOHC
Capacity 1679cc
Average fuel consumption 39mpg
Top speed 146mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:AndyReview Date: May 2017
I have straight bars fitted and a lowered rider seat. This helps with the wind resistance compared to the original tillers. The lowered rider seat also adds visibility for the pillion. Pillion pussy pad is small and uncomfortable.
Ride Quality
Acceleration is awesome. Just point it and pull the trigger. It goes around corners like a puppy on a lead. It is very heavy in traffic.
Build Quality & Reliability
Fantastic build quality. Never broken down in 18 years. Paint work still good. Only issue with corrosion was the exhaust, but this gave an excuse to fit a stainless system.
Engine Rating
Awesome power. Needs respect. If the v-boost kicks in or drops out half way round a bend, you either sit up straight or fall into the hedge row.
Brake Rating
Stops well enough. That's about it.
Running Cost
Pros CommentsThe best thing about a V-MAX, is it is a V-MAX. They broke the mould when this model was made. I wouldn't be without it. Had it from new (1999). Awesome power. Great looks. I always have a grin on my face.
Cons CommentsNothing.
Submitted by:Mike Review Date: June 2019
Unbelievable rider comfort
Ride Quality
People say they don't corner. Not true. Go ride a vmax and you'll get off smiling. Then you'll go and buy one
Build Quality & Reliability
It's Yamaha, excellent
Engine Rating
200 bhp. 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. Need I say more
Brake Rating
ABS, you need to hold on
Running Cost
Ok if ride politely. Guzzler if you ride hard
Pros CommentsLooks like a beast
Cons CommentsBigger fuel tank

Average Rating

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Build Quality
Engine Quality
Brake Rating
Running Cost
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