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Triumph Sprint GT 1050 Overview

The Triumph Sprint GT (Grand Touring) is a pillion friendly bike with a longer swingarm and steel subframe. This makes is far more stable than previous models. It also has lower seat height as well as a more comfortable pillion seat.

Triumph claims that you get 200 miles between fuel stops with this bike.  We tend to agree although the engine is a little grunty at times. This bike is great for weekend trips with lots of baggage. It’s also comfortable which makes a real difference.

The suspension on this bike is softly damped and steering is agile enough. The new fuel injection on this bike as well as new ignition settings make the bike manageable when fully loaded. You’ll feel confident and stable on this machine.

The ABS works well on this machine and the cockpit is functional as well as modern. You won’t find any fancy power mode settings or traction control, which might disappoint some.

The Triumph name harks reliability with this bike. You won’t be disappointed with this machine or the re-sale value, either.

Triumph Sprint GT 1050 Spec

Seat height815mm
EngineLiquid cooled, DOHC, four stroke
Average fuel consumption48mpg
Top speed160mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:Sprint RiderReview Date: March 2017
It is a sporty riding position tourer tourer - gel seat helps, and sit on the bike so you don't take the weight on your wrists. Still has very readable dials for speedo & tacho - I hate digital stuff
Ride Quality
I find steering & ride fine, though other folk moan about the extended swing arm
Build Quality & Reliability
The usual screw threads seizing up - the mirror glass screws and front mudguard fixings
Engine Rating
It's a triple - love it
Brake Rating
Very rarely get the rear ABS activating, never been able to get the front wheel ABS to kick in (yet). Occasionally in heavy rain, the ABS light comes on, but spray the sensors with brake cleaner and solves the problem.
Running Cost
I have no complaints
Pros CommentsCan't fault it at the price paid -£9000 Considered the Tiger 1050 and this would have been £1800 dearer with same kit spec
Cons CommentsI have no complaints

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Build Quality
Engine Quality
Brake Rating
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