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Aprilia SRV850 Review

Aprilia SRV850 overview

According to Aprilia, the SRV850 is the world’s most powerful ever scooter. We’re not so sure. Some might be disappointed if they expected to use this scooter as a sports bike, because it doesn’t always handle well on the road, and issues with the suspension feeling under sprung have also been a niggling point for owners of this bike. For example, on high-speed bumps, a driver might feel that both front and rear suspensions were going to bottom out. It’s not the best start!

However, the engine doesn’t fail you.  It’s got a 76bhp V-twin motorbike engine, essentially crammed into the body of a scooter. It will just go! This can feel great on the open road but any kind of gradient may prove tricky for the SRV850.

The build quality of this bike could also be a let-down for some, and there is only space for one helmet and no glove compartments. There’s also no ABS and you can’t adjust the screen, which can be grating over time.

It is one of the cheapest scooters on the market though, at under £900! You are unlikely to find a faster scooter for less.

Aprilia SVR850 spec

Seat height 780mm
Weight (Curb) 249kg
Engine Four stroke, SOHC, 4 valve cylinder
Capacity 839cc
Average fuel consumption 38 mpg
Top speed 126mph

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:Mouns Review Date: November 2016
It's great. Screen a bit low for long motorway journeys but inexpensive to change
Ride Quality
Overall surprisingly good; comfort & handling. Forks top out and rattle as std which is the only irritation, marked down for it being so heavy though
Build Quality & Reliability
All works
Engine Rating
Most powerful scoot, enough said!
Brake Rating
Brembos, but not opposed piston nor floating discs. Good up to 95%
Running Cost
Less weight, more power and better suspension.
Pros CommentsIt's awesome, get one and a large givitopbox.
Cons CommentsLess weight, more power and better suspension.

Average Rating

Ride Quality
Build Quality
Engine Quality
Brake Rating
Running Cost
Overall Rating