Ryka’s Cafe

Ryka’s Cafe

A lovely place to hang out in the beautiful Surrey countryside is the area of Dorking, specifically Box Hill, which is home to the famous Ryka’s Café in Mickleham. It is a landmark by itself and is a favourite haunt with bikers, who frequent the area to take a breather after a long and tiring ride. The area has been popular with bikers since the 1920s.

Ryka’s offers a terrific menu that includes its famous burgers, creamy milkshakes and of course their infamous crispy chips. Drop in here at any part of the week and you will see bikes galore, from the classic to the contemporary! Devitt have been proudly sponsoring Ryka’s Café for almost 10 years now, and work very closely with the café owners to make sure they can support in any which way possible.Rykas cafe outdoors credit facebook

Ryka’s Cafe has been a meeting venue for a variety of groups through the years. From bikers to cyclists, car enthusiasts to motor clubs the place has hosted a diverse array of events.  Of course it is predominantly a biker haven, testimony of which is the large number of bikers to be seen in the area. It is extremely popular with women bikers as well, who make it a point to visit the place on their trip to the area.

As biking is gaining in popularity among more women, Ryka’s Cafe is doing its bit to promote the love for biking among them, by selling the newly launched women on wheels magazine at the cafe. Even if you do not have a bike visitors are welcome to hang out with those who do at Ryka’s Car Park, which is a great meeting point on the weekends. Bike nights are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the summer months because of the perfect location of the Ryka’s Café, the wealthy car park and outdoor seating place means it is ideal.

They also organise parties and other events so if you plan to organise an event in the area they are the ideal venue. Throughout the summer they have manufacturer events included BMW, Suzuki and many more… Check out their Facebook page so you don’t miss out! 

Important Ryka’s Cafe information:





Telephone: 01306 884454

Opening times: Monday – Sunday 7.30am – 7pm, Wednesdays open until 9pm

Location: Ryka’s Cafe, Mickleham, Box Hill, Dorking, Surrey

Rykas cafe map

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Key Ryka’s Cafe Events 

Event: Bike Night
Date: Every Wednesday

Ryka’s Cafe in action

Look at the size of the car park… What’s not to love about Ryka’s!

Ryka’s Gallery

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