Top Helmets for 2015

Published: March 13, 2015

You can’t ride without a decent helmet.  This is a fact that no biker can reasonably dispute.  Failure to put the right headgear on can cost you money and ultimately, your life.  Of course, not all helmets are made the same, so here we want to explore what the top helmets are for 2015.

The Law

Before we get onto the top helmet’s list, let’s revisit the legal requirements in the UK when it comes to wearing protective gear.  Although the law might seem a boring place to start proceedings, it is good to remind ourselves that in this country, a decent helmet means one that meets British safety standards.  Furthermore, you are required to wear a helmet whenever you ride on the road, and this includes instances where you are riding very short distances.

Some riders are complacent when it comes to getting geared up for a five minute journey.  However, apart from the risk to your physical well-being should an accident occur, failure to comply with the law can land you with a fine.

Types of Helmets

There are plenty of choices when it comes to the types of helmets you can wear.  The types covered here include full face helmets, flip up helmets, open face helmets, adventure helmets, kid’s helmets and sports touring helmets.

Open Face Helmets

Kabuto Avand 2

Good for city use and touring, the Kabuto Avand 2 is an open face helmet featuring external visor and fully removable and washable interior.  The Kabuto Avand 2 doesn’t come cheap, retailing at almost £300.  However, apart from top notch safety and fantastic ratings, this helmet comes with pinlock ready visor, front and rear ventilation, dual density impact absorption liner as well as a patented wake stabilization system that prevents wind buffeting for a smoother journey.

Full face Helmets

Nolan N64 Gemini Replica

Great for all riding conditions, the Nolan N64 Gemini Replica has fantastic looks that will surely turn heads.  It comes with a fabric liner that’s comfortable and fully washable, and features dual intake air ventilation, scratch resistant visor, quick release visor mechanism and micrometric retention system.

AGV Pista GP Rossi Soleluna – Limited Monster Edition

If price isn’t an issue and you really want to treat yourself to the most innovative helmet around, then this AGV Pista GP Rossi Soleluna is for you.  Specifically designed for racing, this helmet is made of full carbon fibre and was designed, developed and tested by AGV and Valentino Rossi.  The aim of the partnership was simple – to create a helmet that offers the ultimate protection for racing.  The result is a helmet with unprecedented standards in terms of protection, comfort and ergonomics.

Flip Up Helmets

Roof Boxer V8 Graphic

A sure hit with trendy urbanites, the Roof Boxer V8 Graphic is the first helmet with a 180 Degree rotating chin.  It is one of the coolest flip ups on the market with good reason.  Competitively priced, it features fibreglass shell construction, adjustable front air vent and top air vent for good ventilation, injected anti-scratch & anti-fog visor, comfortable lining and unique looks.

Kabuto Ibuki

A bit pricier than the Roof Boxer, the Kabuto Ibuki is a flip front helmet with an internal sun visor with integrated UV protection.  It boasts a multi-composite shell construction, patented wake stabilization to prevent wind buffeting, dual density impact absorption liner, odour elimination technology and Quick release ratchet retention system.

Sports Touring Helmets

Sports touring helmets are practical choices that provide good looks for the stylish rider.  You can find some fantastic bargains in this category.


Excellently priced at around £170, the HJC IS-17 comes with a pinlock MaxVision anti-fog visor insert. The lining is comfortable and removable.  You can also expect a dropdown sun visor and a D-ring strap fastener.

Scorpion Exo-710

For £10 more, you can get a Scorpion Exo-710 which retails at roughly £180.  It boasts a composite-fibre shell and a highly absorbent removable lining that ensures comfortable riding.  Featuring an internal sun visor, its main visor is protected with a Pinlock MaxVision insert and there’s even an air-pump system so the fit can be customised.

Kabuto Kamui

The brand Kabuto keeps coming up but this Japanese firm really does produce some excellent headgear.  Compared with the other models, the Kabuto Kamui retails at a lot less at around £200 but it is still impressive.  Featuring a thermo plastic shell, wake stabiliser, head ventilation system, fully detachable and washable liners and dual density impact absorption liner, the Kamui is a steal.

Adventure Helmets

HJC CS-MX Rubbertone

This HJC is an off-road style helmet that has large eye port to enable maximum peripheral visibility.  It features an outer shell made of polycarbonate composite materials and boasts lightweight as well as comfortable fit.  The anti-bacterial interior is fully removable and washable.

Kids’ Helmets

Helmets that are specifically designed for children will fit them better and therefore provide better protection.  There are many brands that manufacture children specific helmets these days, and you can get full faced, motorcross and other types of helmets to suit your needs.

Duchinni D956

Designed for comfort, the Duchinni D956 features anti-scratch curvature visor, front to rear vents for good ventilation, breath deflector and chin curtain, as well as micrometric quick release chin strap.

Insuring your Helmet and Leathers

Leathers and helmets can cost a fortune, though that shouldn’t stop you from getting the best you can afford.  Protective gear can ultimately improve your riding experience, not to mention their ability to save your life.

Insuring your helmet and leathers is one way to make sure you are never left without top notch protective gear.  With Devitt insurance, you can choose to add an optional personal accident cover with helmet and leathers, which will allow you to make a claim for your damaged gear in the event of an accident.

For just £35.99 on top of your existing insurance policy per year, you can make a claim for ruined helmet or leathers whether you are injured or not, and you will of course receive a payout for events like hospitalisation, a permanent or partial disability and much more.

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