10 Must Have Safety Accessories for Bikers

10 Must Have Safety Accessories for Bikers 

Safety for bikers is always high on the agenda because of how vulnerable we are as road users. We’ve picked out our favourite must have safety accessories to give you an idea of different ways to keep safe and secure when you’re out riding…

For you…


This is a pretty obvious one, helmets are compulsory by law so all riders will have one but it’s important to make sure what you’re purchasing will do the job in its time of need. There’s plenty of choice out there on the market from your Shoei’s to your AGV’s but finding the best helmet for you is crucial.

With a wave of counterfeit helmets hitting the internet lately, it’s important that you have your wits about you. Make sure you always buy for a trusted dealer, look out for reviews and try before you buy. We understand you might get a better deal online but there’s no harm popping down to your local dealer to try on a whole selection before purchasing.

pink motorcycle helmet


Rated as the second most important piece of safety equipment by bikers, in a recent survey by Devitt 90% of bikers said that they wear gloves when riding, there’s plenty on the market but we’ve selected a few of our favourites.

Top picks on Sportsbikeshop:

Held Evo-Thrux Special Edition Gloves

Richa Arctic Textile Waterproof Gloves

Spada Enforcer Waterproof Thermal Gloves

Keis G501 Heated Armoured Gloves

You might have to think about having two pairs of clothes dependent on the season and the weather outside; if it’s warm out then you might want to opt for a lighter pair with more ventilation compared to a more durable pair for those colder months.

gloves on motorcycle


If you can’t afford the whole kit, or maybe you don’t like it, you can always opt for a jacket which are always necessary when you live in Blighty. Our unpredictable weather means you can go riding through puddles to basking in sunshine with the flick of a switch. With the great designs that enable you to stay dry but well ventilated, check out some of our top picks…

Search on Sportsbikeshop for…

Held Rano Waterproof Jacket (with matching trousers)

Richa Rain Warrior Jacket (with matching trousers)

Richa Typhoon Rain Overall

Spada Overmitts Glove

Full leathers

Whether you prefer leathers or textiles, this protective gear gives you another level of safety when you’re out riding. Full leathers are the most traditional form of protective gear, but you could also opt for some textile options that can be a bit cheaper.

Leathers are known for the durability and safety aspects, however they’re not always the most practical option for everyone – plus they can be rather pricey. That’s why textile layers could be an option, you can opt for a jacket and trouser combination that can also be waterproof, allow you to wear extra layers underneath (weather dependent) and easy to store.


RST Tractech EVO 3 CE Leather Suit

Alpinestars Atem V3 1 Piece Suit

Held Ladies Ayana 2 One Piece Leather Suit

Furygan Houston Amo 2 Leather Jacket


Buffalo Retro Jacket

Rukka Flexius Gore-Tex Textile Jacket

RST Pro Series Paragon  CE Textile Jacket

Motorcycle leathers hanging in shop

Lots of choice for motorcycle leathers


Not to everyone’s taste, but proper motorcycle boots are designed to keep your feet and ankles secure. Luckily these days there is plenty of choice on the market and they’re not your stereotypical chunky race boot style any more. More brands are opting to make these a fashion statement as well as a safety feature.

From waterproof to race worthy and enduro friendly, there’s so much choice when it comes to footwear but it’s important to make it count. It all depends on your riding habits, there’s not much point in owning a pair of waterproof motorcycle boots if you’re spending every weekend doing motocross or enduro.

Here’s some of our favourite picks:

Alpinestars S-MX 5 Boots

Spada Pilgrim Boots

Sidi Crossfire 2 Boots

Richa Zenith Waterproof Boots

Bluetooth and Sat Navs 

Communication is key when you’re out on a bike, especially if you’re in a group or heading on a long trip. Investing in a good bluetooth headset and sat nav will do just the trick, you’ll be able to keep in contact with your friends and family and keep on the right track to your destination.

Often bluetooth devices can now link to your smartphone allowing you to run your maps through that, as well as music and phone calls. It can save you a job of spending out a small fortune on a sat nav and instead you could purchase a holder for your phone to attach to your mobile.

For your bike… 


Cameras are pretty new to the riding field but there becoming more and more affordable. You can choose to mount it to your helmet or onto your motorcycle, a bit like a dash camera for your car, these are great to capture your latest riding adventure but also come in very handy if you’re ever involved in an accident.

Top picks:

Drift – Drift provide you with everything you could need including chest straps, different styles of bike mounts, loads of camera options and lots more; and best of all it’s not going to break the bank either.

GoPro – one of the more well-known household names but GoPro are perfect for all bikers but especially those who have a love for motocross and enduro. GoPro can stand a few bumps along the way, great recording facilities and lots more.

Locks & Ground Anchors

It’s important to make sure your safe on the roads, but also remember to keep your motorbike secure when you’re not riding it. This can be easily done if you’re at home and have access to a garage or outdoor storage, however if you use your bike for commuting or regularly park up in public places then you need to make sure you’ve got the best protection for your prized possession.

Depending on your budget there’s an array of locks and ground anchors to choose from. We’ve got plenty more information on motorbike security on our exclusive guide.

Top picks: 

Oxford HD Chain

Mammoth Security Junior Bolt-In Ground Anchor

Xena XX10 Alarmed Disc Lock


Most newer motorcycles will come fitted with a standard factory alarm, however it’s not a bad idea to add an extra level of security for your own peace of mind and protection. Even if you’ve got your bike locked away in a garage overnight, you might think of investing one to activate when you park up during your ride out or pop into the local shops.

Cleaning kit 

No matter how much you ride, you’re going to need a good set of brushes and soaps to keep your machine gleaming. Whether it’s just a casual Sunday summer’s ride or you’re commuting miles each day whatever the weather, it’s still important to clean your bike to get rid of any dirt/salt/general road grim so there’s no chance of corrosion or rust.

There’s plenty of different kits out there from Muc Off to Motul, and a decent pair of brushes so you can get right in to all the nooks and crannies.

You don’t need to spend a bomb but just make sure you’ve got the right stuff for your bike.

Biker riding through puddle

Keep your bike clean after every ride!

Find out more tips and advice about keeping your bike safe and secure right here…

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