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Real vs Fake Motorcycle Helmets 

Fake helmets are always a hot topic, especially when the fakes are becoming increasingly harder to distinguish from genuine helmets. It’s recommended that you always purchase your motorcycle crash helmets from recommended retailers with an approved SHARP rating.

Research conducted by SHARP found that up to 50 lives could be saved if motorcyclists wore the safest helmets available to them.

In recent years there was been a massive crack down on those who have been dealing with selling fake helmets. Not only is it illegal but it could seriously impact a riders life if there were to be any injury from a crash.

Although there are currently no plans for SHARP to begin testing other motorcycle garments such as leathers, jackets and boots, or that there is any other organisation testing these materials either, it would make for interesting findings if they were.

A recent survey conducted by Devitt Insurance found that 96% of motorcyclists would continue to wear a helmet even if it wasn’t necessary by law.

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Spotting a fake helmet 

As the years pass counterfeit goods are becoming extremely hard to spot from the real deal, but there are certain ways of making sure you’re not purchasing anything underhand. Not only should you be looking out for the SHARP star rating when buying a helmet, you should look out for:

  • Stickers that haven’t been applied properly
  • Not in its original box
  • Lack of booklets/labels and tags
  • Poor quality paintwork
  • Scratches on visor/helmet
  • The weight of the helmet

The best way to educate yourselves in spotting real from fake is to spend time in lots of different authorized dealers, where you are allowed to touch, feel, test, weight and even smell original gear so you can become more accustomed to it, especially if you’re a new rider.

How to report a fake helmet

Any ‘fake’ helmets spotted by SHARP during their safety assessments would raise concern with Trading Standards. Alternatively, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) are the dedicated force that look into counterfeit goods like fake helmets, so if you ever suspect some dodgy dealings then you can contact them by filling in an online referral form.


Price vs SHARP rating

Our recent survey found that the average price motorcyclists will pay for a crash helmet is between £100 to £300 (59%), so does the price of your helmet really reflect its quality?

There are hundreds of different makes and models of helmets available in the UK, so that’s a lot of testing to be done by SHARP. To make it easier for you when looking for a helmet, we’ve broken it down for you.

If you were going to buy a helmet based on the SHARP rating alone then check out these tables below to see what the best helmet you can buy for your money…

Under £100

Make & ModelTypePriceRating
Caberg TripSystem£90*****
Caberg V2 407Full Face£90*****
Duchinni D832Full Face£59.99*****
Lazer BoraFull Face£79.99*****
Lazer LZ6Full Face£70*****
Marushin 777 SamuraFull Face£90*****


Marushin 777 TigerFull Face£99*****
MT RevengeFull Face£64.99*****
Nitro AikidoFull Face£70*****

Under £200

Make & ModelTypePriceRating
AGV S-4Full Face£170*****
AGV StealthFull Face£199*****
Bell M1Full Face£165*****
Buell TurbulentFull Face£180*****
Caberg Duke and TourmaxSystem£144.99*****
Caberg KondaSystem£119.99*****
Caberg V2RFull Face£110*****
Caberg V2RRFull Face£139.99*****
Caberg VoxFull Face£129.99*****
HJC IS-17Full Face£139.99*****
Marushin RS1 CarbonFull Face£200*****
MT MatrixFull Face£139.99*****
Nitro Evo Carbon FFFull Face£189.99*****
Nitro N1700VFFull Face£119*****
Shark RSXFull Face£169*****

Under £300

Make & ModelType PriceRating
AGV T2Full Face£299*****
Arai GP5XFull Face£250*****
Bell M3RFull Face£250*****
Bell MR4Full Face£300*****
Bell M5XFull Face£299*****
Bell M6Full Face£299.99*****
BMW System 5System£255*****
HJC HQ1Full Face£270*****
Marushin RS1 CarbonFull Face£200*****
Marushin RS2 CarbonFull Face£229*****
Shark Evoline 3System£299*****
Shoei QwestFull Face£259*****
Suomy VandalFull Face£299*****
X-Lite X603Full Face£229.99*****
X-Lite X702Full Face£289.99*****

Under £400

Make & ModelTypePriceRating
AGV GP TechFull Face£399*****
AGV Veloce GTFull Face£329.99*****
Bell M4RFull Face£300*****
Shark Race RFull Face£339*****
Shark RSR2Full Face£320*****
Shoei XR-1100Full Face£379*****

Under £500

Make & ModelTypePrice Rating
Bell MR4 CarbonFull Face£410*****
Bell M5X CarbonFull Face£495*****
Shark Race R ProFull Face£499*****
Shark Race R Pro CarbonFull Face£431*****
Shark RSR2 CarbonFull Face£439*****
Shoei X Spirit IIFull Face£480*****

 As you can see from the tables above, you don’t have to blow-the-budget to get yourself a 5* rated helmet, but it’s always worth doing extra research and testing plenty of helmets before you buy.

Sharp confirmed: “There is no correlation between the price of a helmet and how it might perform in our safety test.”

Safety and price are just two factors that you should consider when purchasing a motorcycle helmet and although most will say ‘how much is your head worth?’ but it’s not always about brand or price. Research is important when buying your helmet, and making sure you buy it from a legitimate outlet with a trusty SHARP seal of approval.

Now you know how to spot a fake helmet, check out our guide to helmet construction!