Top 10 Movie Motorcycle Chases

Published: July 2, 2014

Nothing makes an action film better than an almighty motorcycle chase. Here at Devitt Insurance, we have compiled our top 10 chases of all time.

10. In 10th place we take a trip back to the ‘90s with the infamous motorcycle chase in The Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991). We all remember the classic quote, ” I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle.” Take a look..

9. A 2010 classic, Knight and Day is in 9th place. We see Cameron Diaz getting mixed up with spy, Tom Cruise. She goes from pillion to sidekick during this epic chase.

8. Mission Impossible 2 (2000) is in 8th place. We see Tom Cruise (again!) racing through Australia on a Triumph Speed Triple being chased by the baddie.

7. Up next is The Bourne Legacy (2012). We see an interesting take on the old staircase routine – you don’t always have to take the stairs, right?!

6. Nothing defines action movie like James Bond. Each and every film holds a classic chase, but in 6th place features Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again (1983). We see Bond riding a strange looking motorcycle with an overdubbed engine. We love the upstairs wheelie and the jump. Bond might want to think about getting an anti-fog visor though!

5. The Matrix Reloaded (2003) secures its spot in 5th place. Stealing a motorcycle off the back of a truck and riding the wrong way through freeway traffic with a pillion is one way to get the blood pumping!

4. Our next clip may be oldie, but it sure is a classic. Operations Condor (1991) features Jackie Chan’s epic motorcycle scene. With a mixture of comedy, loads of trial tricks and jumps – he even manages to save a baby!

3. Sticking with the classic action movies, in third place is Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade. Whilst Indiana and his father making a dashing escape in a motorcar, they are followed by baddies on their motorbikes. Watch out for the final bike stunt, incredible.

2. The ultimate classic The Great Escape (1963) finds itself safely in our top two. Before the time of CGI, The Great Escape features a large amount of read riding which was done predominately by Steve McQueen.  The bikes used for this chase were not built for the stunts they performed, but it still doesn’t take away from what a fantastic scene it is.

1. Our top movie motorcycle chase is one of the greatest of all time. We’re going back to our faithful Bond, we see the chase unfold over the Istanbul rooftops, upstairs and through windows. Skyfall (2012) was a box office sensation and truly put the thrill back into action movies.

What do you think the best motorcycle movie chase is? Tell us your thoughts…

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