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Kawasaki ZXR400 Review

Kawasaki ZXR400 Overview

Looking for something little but powerful? Do you want a motorbike that handles like a dream and takes on smooth bends with ultimate handling and control? The Kawasaki ZXR400 offers all of that and so much more. This light, petite bike is a favourite with beginners and women due to its great handling and its refinement which produces a nippy little number.

The suspension on the ZXR400 is extremely firm and doesn’t yield, even with a slightly heavier rider driving it. Whether you’re driving on an even stretch of road or trying to reach a personal best on a race track, this motorcycle handles everything it is put through with laser-like accuracy and produces a silky smooth ride, however, if the road is bumpy, expect to have minimal contact with the seat and to really see the suspension in action.

They say big things come in small packages and the ZXR400 is proof of this. Coming in at 399cc, the liquid cooled, four cylinder engine may seem small but it can certainly pack a punch, especially when it hits around 14,5000rpm. It screams and shouts its way to the top end of the rpms, however, it is completely worth it for the thrill of the ride and for the 62bhp that produces top speeds of 140mph.

In terms of insurance, the ZXR400 is very good value, even though it is thought of as only a 400 motorbike. They can be bought at a reasonable price second hand, but always be wary of knockoffs and look for the Japanese imports.

Kawasaki ZXR400 Spec

Seat height 765mm
Weight 177kg
Engine Liquid cooled, DOHC, four stroke, 4v
Capacty 399cc
Average fuel consumption 42mpg
Top speed 139mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:Mr OReview Date: March 2017
If you're used to sports bikes then the riding position feels very natural. But there is a lot of vibration through the bars. (I may just need heavier bar ends)
Ride Quality
The amount of grip the when cornering is brilliant due to the weight of the bike being so low, I would say the ride is a little firm but it's a sports bike so it's what you'd expect.
Build Quality & Reliability
There is very little of the bike to go wrong, it's built to be as light as possible, so the fairings aren't as rock solid as they are on other sports bikes, or more modern ones. It's never gone wrong on me (touch wood)
Engine Rating
Even though it only has 60ish horsepower, because it's so light the acceleration is totally unexpected, it's much faster than my Yamaha XJ6-S Division.
Brake Rating
The brakes are very basic as you'd expect on a nearly 20 year old bike.
Running Cost
If the fuel tank held an extra 5 litres of fuel it wouldn't feel like you have to stop at every petrol station you see.
Pros CommentsGreat first big bike for new riders or just a toy for the more experienced rider. Never fails to make you smile as the little engine loves to rev 6-13 thousand rmp is the power band.
Cons CommentsIf the fuel tank held an extra 5 litres of fuel it wouldn't feel like you have to stop at every petrol station you see.

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