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Gilera Runner ST 125 Review

Gilera Runner ST 125 Overview

The Gilera Runner is an old favourite when it comes to scooters, with a new, updated design giving it a sporty feel. It’s good at handling, too – allowing you to ride through town easily.

In terms of the engine, it seems to get up to speed well, but it isn’t all too exciting. On a motorway you’ll find 65mph is about your limit before it really revs away. However, you do feel safe on this bike. Suspension is OK until you hit a pot-hole, then you might find it gives you a sudden jolt. This is a problem many of these scooters have, though.

This scooter is a practical one to ride, perhaps good as a first-timer bike. If you’re looking for a general run-around bike, this well could be it. It feels a little flimsy in places, but in general the build quality is good and you’ll get some handy features too, like an under seat storage, plus a small rack is fitted to take a topbox if required. The seat is also big enough for two people should you want to take someone along with you (although you might find it struggles a bit with the extra weight!)

Gilera Runner ST 125 spec

Seat height 815mm
Weight 137kg
Engine Single cylinder, 4 stroke, 4v, liquid cooled
Capacity 125cc
Average fuel consumption
Top speed 50mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:FabrizioReview Date: May 2017
Ride Quality
Build Quality & Reliability
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Running Cost
Service and maintenance. You need to look after this bike. Not great on potholes.
Pros CommentsDesign, great engine performance, good for everyday riding and ready for the track! Exceptional scooter, great engine, superb grip - you can lean the bike as much as you want, it won't betray you!
Cons CommentsService and maintenance. You need to look after this bike. Not great on potholes.

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