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BMW K1200RS Review

BMW K1200RS Overview

If you want a bike which works on both long distances and the commute to work then the K1200RS could be the ideal choice.  Although designed and labelled as a ‘sports tourer’, this bike weighs in at 285kg and you very much feel every kilo of the weight, firmly placing it closer to a tourer than a sporting bike.  That said, this bike is a real joy to ride long distance with the weight lending a stability you don’t often find, even when loaded up with luggage and a pillion.

Although the engine in the K1200RS is unlikely to blow your socks off, especially when placed against its direct competitors you will still find lots of torque and power, especially when in low gears.  You tend to get the feeling that the motor would be even more impressive were it not for the weight holding it back.  Other issues regularly reported are minor glitches, mostly relating to electrics although there does also seem to be a common problem with lack of seat adjustment for shorter riders which may also be something to bear in mind.

It isn’t possible to buy the K1200RS new anymore which means it can be something of a challenge to find a decently priced used bike although in recent years these have come down and there are bargains to be found if you are willing to put the time in.  This bike comes into its own when thinking about a stable, easy and ergonomic ride rather than one which will have you taking twisty roads at hyper-speed.

BMW K1200RS Spec

Seat height 800mm
Weight 285kg
Engine Liquid cooled, four stroke, DOHC, 4V
Capacity 1171cc
Average fuel consumption 36mpg
Top speed 153mph
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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:GrahamReview Date: May 2017
Great ride. Comfortable, easy ride. Real cruiser that comes into its own when doing a longer ride, but also really easy to ride in thick London traffic.
Ride Quality
Just increasing good comfortable ride. Super gear change ratio and remarkably easy for such a big bike in London peak hour traffic.
Build Quality & Reliability
What can I say – Its German and the quality is refectory ex in every aspect of this really super nice bike.
Engine Rating
Again, pure quality. Very smooth operation and just "tics" over consistently.
Brake Rating
First generation ABS. Very different from my much newer Ducati, but all the same good performance
Running Cost
Seating adjustments. I am a Shorter guy and I wish I would have an adjustable seat.
Pros CommentsMy bike is older, but very low Mileage for the age. What a "Lady" she is !!!! This bike is not for the "boy racer", but as a long run or in the inner city traffic this bike is pure JOY!!! Big, powerful, consistent performance and ride. A real joy on a long ride, but also incredibly easy in heavy traffic
Cons CommentsSeating adjustments. I am a Shorter guy and I wish I would have an adjustable seat.

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Build Quality
Engine Quality
Brake Rating
Running Cost
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