MZ Riders 

Whether it’s two strokes or four strokes, MZ riders all share the same passion. If it’s a MZ, Kanuni, Simson, DWK, IWL or IFA that you own (or dream about owning) then you’ve come to the right club! You don’t even need to own one, but if you share the passion for MZ machines then feel free to sign up today.

MZ machines were extremely popular in the early 80’s, these bikes are known for their unique style, which isn’t to everyone’s taste, but they’ve becoming increasingly popular again over recent years.

There are lots of benefits to becoming a member including;

  • Magazine subscription (6 issues a year)
  • Affiliated member of; Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) and the National Association of Bikers with a Disability (NABD)
  • Access to the Federation of Historic Vehicle Club

Club meet information

There are lots of MZ clubs around the UK, click here to find your nearest club and find out how to join.

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