Suzuki Owners Club

Suzuki Motorcycles Owners Club

Based in an old church hall in Manchester,  the Suzuki Owners Club was originally formed as the ‘One Seven One Club’ in 1971, the club grew rapidly in size housing Triumph, Honda and the BSA Owners Club. However, it wasn’t long until Suzuki became the most dominant brand, therefor the creation of the Suzuki Owners club was born after approval from Suzuki GB.

Regular meetings for the Suzuki Owners Club began in September 1973, but with the growing popularity of Suzuki’s other branches popped up around the country, with the London branch formed in February 1974.

Now, the Suzuki Owners Club is open for anyone who owns a Suzuki, but you’re still welcome to join even if you’ve sold your machine on. It doesn’t matter what Suzuki machine you ride, how old you are or how long you’ve been riding, everyone is welcome.

There are lots of social activities to take part in, if you become a member, including event weekends with camping, organised ride outs, European holidays, charity events and parties. The club is entirely run by volunteers and its members, so it’s ultimately down to you how involved you are.

So what do you get becoming a Suzuki Owners Club GB member?

  • Subscription to ‘The Hustler’
  • Dating certificate services
  • Comprehensive list of companies and organisations that offer club member discounts
  • Affiliation with BMF and NABD
  • Lots of events and activities to take part in, as much as you like!

Club meet information

All are welcome to join their local brand at a meeting or for a ride-out before deciding to become  a full member. You can find out where your local branch is here.

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Hello, Does anyone have any information or knowledge of an Rm420, I rode one of these in 1979 but can’t find any information or pictures of one, I’ve seen parts advertised for them but can’t seem to get a picture or anything about them, if I remember it was an Rm420T ! Hope someone can help ! Thanks regards !

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