Curvy Riders MCC

Curvy Riders Motorcycle Club 

Established in 2006 by Ed Crummy and Linz Inglis, the Curvy Riders MCC is a biker club exclusively for female riders across the UK and Ireland.

The club continues to grow each year and there are now over 300 fully paid members from across different regions. It is completely run by a band of women who give all their time and expertise freely because they are so passionate that women should be able to enjoy life on two wheels.

Curvy regions are scattered across the UK from Aberdeenshire all the way through to the East Midlands, Cambridgeshire over to Isle of Man, Fife and Suffolk. There’s a Curvy Club on everyone’s door step, so find your closest Curvy Riders.

Club meet information 

You will need to get in contact with your local Curvy Riders club to find out more information about their regular meet ups and events. However, The Curvy National Trip is the event that brings all the female riders from across the UK together to share a great weekend of fun and memory making.

Previous trips have included Ironbridge, Southerness, Navan and many more.

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