10 Times Bikers Saved The Day

10 Times Bikers Saved The Day

Bikers can sometimes get a pretty bad rap from those outside of the motorcycle community. From jewellery shop heists to street robberies using stolen scooters to depictions of murderous biker gangs in TV and film. It’s about time that the true nature of bikers was revealed and people saw (what we all see!) the tight knit community who really do care about fellow bikers, other road users, furry four-legged friends and feathered two-legged friends to mention a few!

We decided to put together our top ten list of times that bikers saved the day, to show that we’re far from what is often shown in the media! We hope you like our top ten times bikers saved the day and if you know of any others please add them to comments below.

Take a look…

1. These two bikers spotted an elderly lady with her boot (‘trunk’ if you’re American) open as she was driving. Carefully riding around her vehicle to make sure nothing came out, they informed her at the next stop light and closed the boot for her. One kind deed by two awesome bikers!

2. Riding in bad weather can’t always be helped, especially when you live in the UK, however this biking couple were unfortunate to be travelling on the motorway through a bad bout of rain when disaster struck! The wet weather causes the bike to hydroplane sending the biker and his girlfriend onto the road ahead, fortunately they held onto each other and were unharmed.


3. This biker deserves the biggest high five for spotting a young kitten in the middle of a very busy junction. Instinct kicks in and the biker jumps off, stops the traffic to grab the frightened little thing before passing it over to a lady on the side of the road. Well done, you’re a real life biker hero!

4. This biking duo spotted a young lady in trouble, her car was smoking and it wasn’t long until they needed to jump into action. Watch the video below to find out more…

5. One thing that bikers don’t stand for is bullies. Watch this group of American bikers looking after a 5-year-old girl who was bullied by kids in her neighbourhood. They left with one simple message: ‘Always stand up for yourself’.

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6. One simple way to make a kids day… We don’t need to say much more than that!

7. This biker makes a hen party’s day when he spots them posing for pictures and decides to turn back so the bride-to-be can get an epic shot with the bike in as well. Needless to say he was an absolute hit with them all…

8. A biker spots a ball rolling down onto the road in front of him, instead of letting it just lay in the road he pulls over and returns it back to its rightful owner… Kind deed of the day done!

9. A group of motorcyclists based in Manchester rallied round to help a young woman who was in a coma. It was believed, by her parents, that the sound of motorcycles might wake her up. The young lady, only aged 20, loved motorbikes so after they posted on social media, hundreds of bikers meet before riding in a convoy to the hospital.

10. This kind biker spots a wallet fall of the roof of a car when it exits the petrol station, stopping to pick it up and following the car to return it to its rightful owner… However it ends in disaster!

Share your biker hero experiences in the comments below…

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