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Isle of Man TT Records and Stats

IOM TT: Records and Stats

With 110 years of racing at the Isle of Man TT, it’s no surprise that there’s a wealth of records that have been set. Check out exclusive guide with all your need-to-know stats…

Top 25 Fastest Riders – Solos 

Ever since the Isle of Man TT got underway in 1907 milestones have continually been achieved, none more so than in the outright lap record.

Bob McIntyre recorded the first 100mph lap in 1957 with John Williams (1976) and Steve Hislop (1989) breaking the 110mph and 120mph barriers respectively.

It was John McGuinness who had the honour of breaking the 130mph barrier in 2007 and although speeds had relatively levelled out, that all changed in 2018 with Dean Harrison and then Peter Hickman smashing the outright lap record, the latter having the honour of the first rider to lap the Mountain Course at more than 135mph.

McGuinness had held the outright lap record from 2004 until 2014 when Bruce Anstey set the first ever 132mph+ lap only for the Morecambe man to reclaim it in 2015 with a lap of 132.701mph. However, with some superb weather, 2016 saw some sensational speeds by Michael Dunlop as he became the first man to break the 133mph barrier and also the sub-17m barrier.

John McGuinness

Dunlop breaks 133mph barrier

The Ulsterman recorded no less than four 133mph+ laps, two in the Superbike and two in the Senior, almost lapping at 134mph in the latter as the Mountain Course narrowly missed out on becoming the fastest road race circuit in the world currently in use.

Ian Hutchinson also lapped at more than 133mph and whilst Dunlop set three out of the six best ever sector times, Hutchinson took two of them and in the Superstock class too as opposed to the Superbike class.

Hickman and Harrison dominate

The records only stood for two years though as Harrison and Hickman took racing around the 37.73-mile circuit to heights never seen before in 2018. Harrison firstly did it in the opening Superbike race, smashing the lap record from a standing start after lapping at 134.432mph and then a titanic battle in the Senior between the Kawasaki rider and Hickman changed things again.

Harrison improved his lap time to 134.918mph but Hickman flashed over the line shortly afterwards at a breathtaking 135.452mph with the Mountain Course lap record finally quicker than the Ulster Grand Prix.

All six sectors saw record times set in 2018, five of those coming in the Senior with Steve Plater’s long-standing time from 2009 between Ramsey and the Bungalow – of which no-one had previously got to within three tenths of a second – being bettered by Hickman by almost four seconds!

The ideal lap – combing the six best sector times ever set – was improved by a massive 13 seconds and now stands at 16m35.711s (136.413 mph) with Hickman’s outright lap record 7.067s adrift

However, despite of the good weather at TT2018, there were no new members of the ‘130mph Club’, the latest additions remaining Josh Brookes and Martin Jessopp from 2017.

1.Peter Hickman1000 BMW2018S16m42.778s135.452mph
2.Dean Harrison1000 Kawasaki2018S16m46.742s134.918
3.Michael Dunlop1000 BMW2016S16m53.929s133.962
4.Ian Hutchinson1000 Kawasaki2016S17m00.384s133.115
5.John McGuinness1000 Honda2015S17m03.567s132.701
6.Conor Cummins1000 Honda2018Su17m04.431s132.589
7.James Hillier1000 Kawasaki2015S17m05.779s132.414
8.Guy Martin1000 BMW2015S17m05.907s132.398
9.Bruce Anstey1000 Honda2014Su17m06.682s132.298
10.Josh Brookes1000 Norton2018S17m10.994s131.745
11.David Johnson1000 BMW2015S17m12.165s131.595
12.Michael Rutter1000 BMW2016St17m15.924s131.118
13.Gary Johnson1000 Kawasaki2016S17m17.291s130.945
14.William Dunlop1000 Superbike2014S17m18.016s130.853
15.Lee Johnston1000 BMW2015St17m18.037s130.851
16.Martin Jessopp1000 BMW2018Su17m18.910s130.741
17.Cameron Donald1000 Honda2013Su17m19.007s130.729
18.Steve Plater1000 Honda2009S17m20.91s130.490
19.Dan Kneen1000 BMW2017St17m22.051s130.347
20.Keith Amor1000 Honda2011S17m23.41s130.177
21.Phil Crewe1000 BMW2018Su17m25.176s129.957
22.Ryan Farquhar1000 Kawasaki2010St17m25.77s129.883
23.Sam West1000 BMW2018S17m27.118s129.716
24.Steve Mercer1000 Honda2016Su17m30.299s129.323
25.Ivan Lintin1000 Kawasaki2018St17m31.442s129.183

Su = Supbike, S = Senior, St = Superstock

Top 10 Fastest TT Newcomers 

It was back in 2004 when Guy Martin became the first newcomer at the TT to break the 120mph barrier, the Lincolnshire rider smashing the previous best mark of 116.65mph with his lap of 122.10mph.

Since then, an additional 41 newcomers have broken the 120mph barrier and Martin’s lap stood until 2007 when British Champion Steve Plater raised the bar to 125.808mph. Like Martin, Plater scored a best result of seventh in his debut year.

Plater’s mark stood for an impressive six years with the late Simon Andrews just coming short in his first island appearance in 2011. It was left to Josh Brookes to take over the accolade in 2013 with the Tyco Suzuki rider lapping at 127.726mph in the opening Superbike race. Inclement weather in practice meant the Australian had limited track time and he would probably have gone quicker in the Senior had it not been for mechanical trouble on the opening lap.

Steve Plater

Brooks vs Hickman

Many thought Brookes’ lap would stand for some time but it only lasted 12 months before another British Superbike Championship regular, Peter Hickman, took over at the top. Like Plater and Brookes, Hickman’s research and dedication to learning the 37 and ¾-mile course left no stone unturned and he posted a best lap in excess of 129mph and he’s since become the fastest rider of all time with his lap of 135.452mph in 2018.

Michael Booth was the fastest newcomer at TT2016 with his best lap of 122.597mph seeing him just fail to break into the top ten and although there were only three newcomers in 2017 (who only competed in the Supersport and Lightweight races), Adam McLean’s lap of 120.644mph made him the fifth fastest newcomer ever on a 600cc machine.

However, a big change happened in 2018 when Davey Todd set stunning lap times throughout the fortnight to better Brookes’ speed from 2013 and become the second fastest newcomer ever with a lap of 128.379mph.

1.Peter Hickman1000 BMW129.1042014
2.Davey Todd1000 Suzuki128.3792018
3.Josh Brookes1000 Suzuki127.7262013
4.Steve Plater1000 Yamaha125.8082007
5.Simon Andrews1000 BMW125.1342011
6.Keith Amor1000 Honda124.8562007
7.Horst Saiger1000 Kawasaki123.8462013
8.David Johnson1000 Honda123.8382010
9.Martin Jessopp1000 BMW123.4742014
10.Derek McGee1000 Honda122.8982015
Ian Hutchinson and Guy Martin, 2006.

Laps at 130mph plus

As mentioned, it was John McGuinness who set the first ever 130mph lap, fittingly in the Centennial event of 2007, and the Morecambe Missile continued to lead the way for having posted the most 130mph+ laps under racing conditions up until 2016.

His injury-hit year of 2014 allowed Michael Dunlop to close in and although he suffered his own trials and tribulations in 2015, the Northern Ireland rider joined McGuinness at the top of the pile. However, with Dunlop back to his scintillating best in 2016 and 2017, he’s now taken over outright with 17 more 130mph+ laps than McGuinness, the latter missing the 2017 and 2018 events entirely due to injury.

Indeed, Dunlop has now completed 50 racing laps at more than 130mph and although McGuinness remains in second, he’s now only one ahead of James Hillier who moved from fifth to third after TT2018 having overhauled both Ian Hutchinson and Bruce Anstey.

After their record-breaking exploits, Dean Harrison and Peter Hickman jumped up the order into sixth and eighth respectively with Conor Cummins now sandwiched in between them. As a result of his retirement, Guy Martin dropped down to ninth with veteran Michael Rutter chalking up two more 130mph+ laps in 2018 to stay in tenth.

1.Michael Dunlop (2010-2018)50
2.John McGuinness (2007 – 2016)33
3.James Hillier (2013 – 2018)32
4.Ian Hutchinson (2010 – 2017)30
5.Bruce Anstey (2011 – 2017)25
6.Dean Harrison (2014 – 2018)26
7.Conor Cummins (2009 – 2018)25
8.Peter Hickman (2015 – 2018)23
9.Guy Martin (2011 – 2015)19
10.Michael Rutter (2013 – 2018)17
11David Johnson (2015 – 2017)13
12.Gary Johnson (2011 – 2018)8
13.Lee Johnston (2015 – 2016)6
=Josh Brookes (2017 – 2018)6
15.Cameron Donald (2012 – 2013)5
16.Steve Plater (2009)4
=William Dunlop (2013 – 2014)4
18.Dan Kneen (2015 – 2017)3
=Martin Jessopp (2017 – 2018)3
20.Keith Amor (2011)1

Laps at 125mph plus

The late David Jefferies set the first ever 125mph+ lap of the Mountain Course back in 2000 with John McGuinness joining him in 2002. After that, the latter became the dominant force of the TT races and it’s little surprise to see him at the top of this particular chart despite missing the last two years of racing.

With Bruce Anstey sadly absent in 2018, Michael Dunlop has now moved up to second overall, but he’s still 14 behind McGuinness which shows the Lancastrian’s consistency over the years. Anstey drops to third with Ian Hutchinson and Guy Martin remaining in fourth and fifth respectively.

Indeed, they’re the only five riders to post more than 100 racing laps in excess of 125mph although had it not been for retirement in the Senior race, James Hillier would have achieved it in 2018. He’s in sixth overall ahead of Conor Cummins and Gary Johnson.

With 125mph+ laps now being recorded regularly in the Supersport class as well as in the three 1000cc races, the top riders are now lapping in excess of 125mph as many as twenty times during the course of race week. Dunlop and Dean Harrison recorded the most 125mph+ laps in 2018 with 19 each, Harrison breaking into the top ten of this particular list for the first time.

1.John McGuinness (2002 – 2016)143
2.Michael Dunlop (2009 – 2018)129
3.Bruce Anstey (2004 – 2017)114
4.Ian Hutchinson (2006 – 2018)107
5.Guy Martin (2005 – 2015)101
6.James Hillier (2009 – 2018)98
7.Conor Cummins (2007 – 2018)92
8.Gary Johnson (2008 – 2018)90
9.Dean Harrison (2012 – 2018)88
10.Michael Rutter (2007 – 2018)87

Laps at 120mph plus

It’s now almost 30 years since the first 120mph lap was recorded with Steve Hislop going in the record books forever with his feats of 1989. Since then, a whopping 225 riders have lapped at more than 120mph, 13 new riders achieving this feat in 2018, and now, the likes of Michael Dunlop, John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey can lap at more than 120mph in every racing lap they complete, even when time is added for pitting for fuel.

McGuinness has comfortably set more 120mph+ laps than any other rider with 253 being recorded over a 17-year period. Anstey is next up but over 30 laps behind although he’s achieved his figure in two less years than McGuinness.

Michael Dunlop moved from sixth to third overall after the 2018 meeting with no less than 26 racing laps at more than 120mph during race week and that’s put him ahead of Ian Lougher, who made a return to the TT after a two-year absence.

Ian Hutchinson moved ahead of Guy Martin but stays in fifth overall with the latter dropping to sixth where he’s now joined by local hero Conor Cummins. James Hillier drops a place to eighth with the top ten being completed by Gary Johnson and Michael Rutter.

Bruce Anstey breaking records… 

1.John McGuinness (2002 – 2016)253
2.Bruce Anstey (2004 – 2017)226
3.Michael Dunlop (2008 – 2018)197
4.Ian Lougher (1998 – 2018)190
5.Ian Hutchinson (2004 – 2018)187
6.Guy Martin (2005 – 2015)178
=Conor Cummins (2006 – 2018)178
8.James Hillier (2009 – 2018)177
9.Gary Johnson (2008 – 2018)170
10.Michael Rutter (2007 – 2018)158

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Leading winners – Solos (8 wins or more)

When Joey Dunlop took his 26th and last TT win in 2000, many thought that total would never be beaten, especially as it was 12 more than anyone else had at the time and that figure was greater going back to those riders that were still competing.

However, records are there to be broken and the form of John McGuinness has allowed him to continually close the gap and his two wins in 2015 mean he’s now just three behind Dunlop. However, he’s failed to win a race since 2015 and it could well be that the Dunlop name is the one to break Joey’s tally as Michael’s hat-trick at 2018 moved him on to a total of 18 wins.

Dunlop, Grant and Haslam battling it out in 1980… 

Joey Dunlop and McGuinness still have a healthy advantage although Michael only needs eight wins to match his uncle, something he could achieve in the next 3-4 years if he stays free of injury. Ian Hutchinson is next up on 16, the Bingley rider adding two more wins to his collection in 2017 and pulling clear of Mike Hailwood. He returned from injury in 2018 but only time will tell if he can get back to race-winning form.

The recent success of Hutchinson and Dunlop has pushed the great Hailwood down to fifth overall but the fact his final win was as far back as 1979 shows just how good he was.

Sixth outright now is Kiwi Bruce Anstey, whose two successive TT Zero wins in 2016 and 2017 has put him onto 12 victories and one ahead of two more greats – Steve Hislop and Phillip McCallen – who both recorded 11 victories.

1.Joey Dunlop26 (1977 – 2000)
2.John McGuinness23 (1999 – 2015)
3.Michael Dunlop18 (2009 – 2018)
4.Ian Hutchinson16 (2007 – 2017)
5.Mike Hailwood14 (1961 – 1979)
6.Bruce Anstey12 (2002 – 2017)
7.Steve Hislop11 (1987 – 1994)
=Phillip McCallen11 (1992 – 1997)
9.Stanley Woods10 (1923 – 1939)
=Giacomo Agostini10 (1966 – 1972)
=Ian Lougher10 (1990 – 2009)
12.Charlie Williams9 (1973 – 1980)
=David Jefferies9 (1999 – 2002)
14.Phil Read8 (1961 – 1977)
=Chas Mortimer8 (1970 – 1978)
=Jim Moodie8 (1993 – 2002)

 Leading Podium Finishes – Solos (16 podiums or more)

Joey Dunlop may top the chart for the most wins but when it comes to podiums, John McGuinness is the leader with 46 podiums having been taken over a 19-year period, an average of more than two a year.

Dunlop’s 40 podiums were taken over a longer period of 23 years although third place Bruce Anstey’s total of 37 podiums is perhaps more impressive than both Dunlop and McGuinness given that his total is over the shorter period of 17 years.

Ian Lougher took podiums across the classes so it’s no surprise to see him in fourth overall and Michael Dunlop is now equal with him having stood on the podium four more times in 2018 whilst Ian Hutchinson remains on 27 after his return from injury.

Hutchinson took 11 successive rostrums from the 2015 Superbike race through to the 2017 Superstock race, a phenomenal achievement, whilst Charlie Williams’ seventh place is particularly impressive given he retired more than three decades ago.

Guy Martin moved up a place in 2017 with his 17th podium coming in the TT Zero race, the Lincolnshire rider being the only rider with 16 podiums or more not to have taken a win, a statistic he doesn’t need reminding of!

1.John McGuinness46 (1997 – 2016)
2.Joey Dunlop40 (1977 – 2000)
3.Bruce Anstey37 (2000 – 2017)
4.Ian Lougher28 (1989 – 2009)
=Michael Dunlop28 (2009 – 2018)
6.Ian Hutchinson27 (2006 – 2017)
7.Charlie Williams20 (1971 – 1984)
8.Mike Hailwood19 (1958 – 1979)
=Steve Hislop19 (1987 – 1994)
=Phillip McCallen19 (1991 – 1999)
=Tony Rutter19 (1972 – 1985)
12.Chas Mortimer17 (1969 – 1984)
=Guy Martin17 (2005 – 2017)
14.Mick Grant 16 (1972 – 1985)

Statistical information provided by Phil Wain.

Top 25 Fastest Riders – Sidecars

It was way back in 1977 that the first 100mph lap was recorded by a sidecar team, Dick Greasley and Mick Skeels having that particular honour with the 108mph+ record laps of Jock Taylor/Benga Johansson (1982) and Mick Boddice/Chas Birks (1989) remaining in the record books for some time before the F2 class speeds increased.

The honour of the first 110mph lap went to Dave Molyneux/Peter Hill in 1996 and since then, the outright lap record remained in the hands of the Manx contingent right up until 2016 when Ben and Tom Birchall finally reclaimed it for England, the duo increasing it ever since.

Molyneux held the record from 1996 until 2007 when Nick Crowe and Daniel Sayle set a lap of 116.667mph which looked like it could well last forever as no-one got near it over the next seven years. However, that all changed in 2015 when Molyneux and Ben Binns and the Birchall’s went head to head throughout the second race.

Dave Molyneux with Dan Sayle in 2004

Molyneux and Binns

It was the Manx pairing of Molyneux and Binns that just shaded it in a thrilling final lap only for the Birchall’s to go quicker still in the first race of 2016 although they retired on the final lap. However, they bounced back to win the second with more 116mph+ laps.

The Birchall’s increased their lap record to even greater heights in both 2017 and 2018, setting the first ever 117, 118 and 119mph+ laps around the Mountain Course on three wheels, the latter seeing them record the first ever sub 19-minute lap by a sidecar, a truly phenomenal feat. John Holden and Tim Reeves also broke the old lap record to move up to second and third overall respectively

Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney set their first ever 110mph+ lap in 2017 with Estelle Leblond becoming the first female driver to achieve the landmark a year later, her passenger Melanie Farnier now also the fastest ever female passenger. 30 drivers have now lapped at more than 110mph.

Driver/ PassengerMachineYearTimeSpeed
1.Ben Birchall/ Tom Birchall600 Honda201818m59.018s119.250mph
2.John Holden/ Lee Cain600 Honda201819m12.276s117.878
3.Tim Reeves/ Mark Wilkes600 Honda201819m13.739s117.729
4.Dave Molyneux/ Ben Binns600 Suzuki201519m23.056s116.785
5.Nick Crowe/ Daniel Sayle600 Honda200719m24.24s116.667
6.Alan Founds/ Jake Lowther600 Yamaha201719m39.986s115.110
7.Klaus Klaffenbock/ Daniel Sayle600 Honda201119m43.19s114.798
8.Conrad Harrison/Mike Aylott600 Honda201419m44.472s114.674
9.Peter Founds/ Jevan Walmsley600 Suzuki201819m45.100s114.613
10.Ian Bell/ Carl Bell600 Yamaha201619m50.872s114.058
11.Phil Dongworth/ Gary Partridge600 Honda200919m51.01s114.045
12.Lewis Blackstock/ Patrick Rosney600 Honda201819m54.854s113.677
13.Simon Neary/ Stuart Bond600 Suzuki200920m02.31s112.972
14.Steve Norbury/ Rick Long600 Yamaha200820m03.78s112.835
15.Gary Byran/ Jamie Winn600 Honda201320m12.160s112.055
16.Karl Bennett/ Lee Cain600 Suzuki201620m12.639s112.010
17.Tony Elmer/ Darren Marshall600 Yamaha201120m13.88s111.896
18.Dougie Wright/ Martin Hull600 Honda201320m14.863s111.805
19.Steve Ramsden/ Matty Ramsden600 Honda201820m15.145s111.779
20.Matthew Dix/ Shaun Parker600 Yamaha201620m16.724s111.634
21.Rob Fisher/ Rick Long600 Honda200220m17.30s111.580
22.Allan Schofield/ Peter Founds600 Suzuki200720m17.99s111.518
23.Gary Knight/ Jason Crowe600 Kawasaki201520m23.351s111.029
24.Estelle Leblond/ Melanie Farnier600 Suzuki201820m25.636s110.732
23.Tony Baker/ Fiona Baker-Milligan600 Suzuki201620m27.307s110.672

Leading winner – Sidecar drivers (3 or more)

When it comes to outright winners in the sidecar class, there’s no doubt Dave Molyneux is head and shoulders above everyone else and his tally of 17 wins – fourth overall behind Joey Dunlop, John McGuinness and Michael Dunlop – is phenomenal given the fact he’s only had two opportunities a year to add to his total. He’s also missed a number of years when on duty elsewhere so it’s reasonable to suggest he could have topped 20 by now if it wasn’t for that.

Rob Fisher is the next best with 10 wins, the Cumbrian being Molyneux’s main rival throughout the 1990s and early 2000s whilst joint third remains Siegfried Schauzu, Mick Boddice and Dave Saville, the latter’s victories all coming in the Formula Two class.

Ben Birchall moved onto six wins after his double in 2017 and the list below also includes some of the greatest sidecar exponents ever with World Champions Jock Taylor, Klaus Enders, Ben Birchall, Rolf Steinhausen, Max Deubel, Walter Schneider and Klaus Klaffenbock all featuring.

1.Dave Molyneux17 (1989 – 2014)
2.Rob Fisher10 (1994 – 2002)
3.Siegfried Schauzu9 (1967 – 1975)
=Mick Boddice9 (1983 – 1991)
=Dave Saville9 (1985 – 1990)
6.Ben Birchall8 (2013 – 2018)
7.Nick Crowe5 (2005 – 2008)
8.Klaus Enders4 (1969 – 1973)
=Jock Taylor4 (1980 – 1982)
=Trevor Ireson4 (1979 – 1983)
10.Klaus Klaffenbock3 (2010 – 2011)
=Max Deubel3 (1961 – 1965)
=Walter Schneider3 (1955 – 1959)
=Rolf Steinhausen3 (1975 – 1978)
Lowry Burton 1988

Leading winners – Sidecar passengers (3 or more)

Sidecar passengers are a unique breed but there can be no denying they’re as important as the driver when it comes to winning races, especially at the TT. Their knowledge of the course and knowing what the driver is doing, and where, is paramount to their success and whilst some of the passengers below all achieved their success with one driver – Chas Birks, Tom Birchall and Benga Johansson, for example – others haven’t which further proves their credentials.

Rick Long’s wins came with two drivers, Fisher (6) and Molyneux (2) whilst Sayle has been victorious with three, Molyneux (4), Klaffenbock (3) and Tim Reeves (1).

Long, Sayle and Birchall lead the way on eight wins but the latter has a great chance of taking the record outright in 2019 given his recent run of form.

1.Rick Long8 (1997 – 2008)
=Daniel Sayle8 (2004 – 2013)
=Tom Birchall8 (2013 – 2018)
4.Wolfgang Kalauch7 (1970 – 1978)
5.Chas Birks6 (1983 – 1989)
6.Benga Johansson4 (1980 – 1982)
=Horst Schneider4 (1967 – 1970)
8.Ralf Engelhardt3 (1969 – 1973)
=Patrick Farrance3 (2012 – 2014)
=Emil Horner3 (1961 – 1965)
=Darren Hope3 (2005 – 2005)
=Clive Pollington3 (1979 – 1980)
=Hans Strauss3 (1955 – 1959)
=Donny Williams3 (1982 – 1987)

Leading podium finishes – Sidecar drivers (6 or more)

As expected, Molyneux is again the leading driver when it comes to TT podiums and a phenomenal statistic is that out of the 34 TT Races he’s finished, he’s been on the podium in 30 of them. That also places him joint fourth overall with only McGuinness, Dunlop and Anstey ahead of him, another remarkable feat given he only gets two races a year.

The Manxman is still as quick as ever and although he’s now been competing at the TT for over 30 years, he still has rostrum finishes in him as seen by a third place in 2017. At present, it looks like his tally will never be beaten.

Next up is Mick Boddice whose podium places came over a 17-year period and he’s now only one ahead of third placed John Holden who has stood on the rostrum in every race since 2014.

1.Dave Molyneux30 (1989 – 2017)
2.Mick Boddice20 (1978 – 1995)
3.John Holden19 (2005 – 2018)
4.Siegfried Schauzu14 (1967 – 1976)
5.Rob Fisher13 (1994 – 2002)
=Dave Saville13 (1979 – 1993)
7.Dick Greasley11 (1975 – 1984)
=Steve Norbury11 (2000 – 2007)
=Nick Croew11 (1998 – 2008)
10.Roy Hanks10 (1981 – 1998)
=Conrad Harrison10 (2010 – 2017)
=Ben Birchall10 (2012 – 2018)
13.Tim Reeves8 (2008 – 2018)
14.Kenny Howles7 (1987 – 1998)
=Jock Taylor7 (1978 – 1982
16.Geoff Bell6 (1990 – 2000)
=Lowry Burton6 (1984 – 1988)
=Rolf Steinhausen6 (1973 – 1978)

Leading podium finishers – Sidecar passengers (6 or more)

It’s tight at the top for the highest number of podium finishes by a sidecar passenger but Dan Sayle’s third place in the opening race of 2017 gave him the top spot outright, finally ending Wolfgang Kalauch’s long reign in the number one place.

Sayle’s podiums have home with five different drivers – Dave Molyneux, Klaus Klaffenbock, John Holden, Tim Reeves and Greg Lambert – and covers a 14-year period, two more than German Kalauch. He partnered some of the sport’s greats and his podiums also came with five different drivers – Helmut Fath, Klaus Enders, Rolf Steinhausen, Siegfried Schauzu and Georg Auerbacher, the first three all World Champions.

Andy Winkle strengthened his hold of third overall with his 13th podium in 2017, although this was his first with Conrad Harrison as the previous 12 were with John Holden. Chas Birks achieved all 10 of his podiums with Mick Boddice with Tom Birchall moving onto ten podiums after his double victory with brother Ben in 2018.

1.Daniel Sayle15 (2003 – 2017)
2..Wolfgang Kalauch14 (1966 – 1978)
3.Andrew Winkle12 (2006 – 2016)
4.Chas Birks10 (1978 – 1989)
=Dave Wells10 (1990 – 2006)
=Tom Birchall10 (2012 – 2018)
7.Rick Long9 (1997 – 2007
8.Peter Hill8 (1992 – 1996)
=Darren Hope8 (2003 – 2006)
=Mike Aylott8 (2011 – 2015)
=Patrick Farrance8 (2008 – 2016)
12.Scott Parnell6 (2004 – 2007)
=Steve Pointer6 (198 – 1996)
=Horst Schneider6 (1967 – 1970)

Current Lap Records



OutrightPeter HickmanBMW S1000RR201816’42.778135.452mph
TT SuperbikeDean HarrisonKawasaki ZX-10R201816’50.384134.432mph
Supersport 600cc TT)Michael DunlopHonda CBR600RR201817’31.328129.197mph
Lightweight TT (Supertwins – Mountain Circuit)Michael DunlopPaton 650cc201818’26.543122.750mph
Lightweight TT (250cc – Mountain circuit)John McGuinnessHonda199919’18.2118.29mph
Lightweight TT (250cc – Billown circuit)Chris PalmerHonda20092’29.068102.638mph
Ultra lightweight TT Mountain circuit (125cc)Chris PalmerHonda200420’20.87110.52 mph
Ultra lightweight TT (125cc – Billown circuit)Ian LougherHonda20092’39.29196.051mph
Senior TTPeter HickmanBMW S1000RR201816’42.778135.452mph
Superstock TTPeter HickmanBMW S1000RR201816’50.601134.403mph
SidecarBen Birchall/Tom Birchall600 LCR Honda201818’59.018119.250mph
TT ZeroMichael RutterMugen201818’34.956121.824mph
Fastest female (solo)Jenny TinmouthHonda CBR1000RR201018’52.42119.945mph
Fastest female (driver)Estelle Leblond600 SGR Suzuki201820’26.636110.732mph
Fastest female (passenger)Melanie Farnier600 SGR Suzuki201820’26.636110.732mph

Current Race Records


(6 laps)

Michael DunlopBMW S1000RR20181:44.13.398130.324mph

JUNIOR TT (4 laps)

Dean HarrisonKawasaki ZX-6R20181:11.28.059126.703mph

(6 laps)

Peter HickmanBMW S1000RR20181:43.08.065131.700mph

(4 laps)

John McGuinness1000 Honda Racing20151:09.23.903130.481 mph

(4 laps)

Peter Hickman1000 BMW S1000RR20181:08.49.976131.553mph
LIGHTWEIGHT TT (4 laps)Michael Dunlop650cc Paton20181:15.05.032120.601mph
LIGHTWEIGHT TT (3 laps)Ivan Lintin650cc Kawasaki201557.06.070118.936mph

(3 laps)

Ben Birchall/Tom Birchall600 LCR Honda201857.25.040119.250mph

Information provided by Phil Wain.

You’ve got all the stats, now let’s find out more about the riders who set them