High Beach Tea Hut

High Beach Tea Hut

Founded back in 1930, Ernie Miller opened the first tea hut in Epping Forest following the first British Speedway meeting that was held there.

Since then the tea hut has bloomed with trade from bikers, horse riders, cyclists and walkers due to it’s great location and brilliant tea. The tea hut has been passed down four generations and be renamed a number of times but it is most commonly known as Bert’s Tea Hut or the Bikers Tea Hut.Berts Tea Hut outside credit fb

In recent years the Tea Hut has had an uncertain future with a fear that the 86-year-old tea hut may no longer stay standing due to the City of London Corporation putting a tender on the hut. However, with a few improvements and a slight relocation (only by 10 metres) the Tea Hut is stilling standing and thriving today.

With the large outdoor seating area and massive car park it’s a great place for bikers to meet whilst they are enjoying a ride around the local Essex roads. There’s always a wide range of hot and cold drinks, plenty of food to pick from at a very reasonable price. There’s no indoor shelter at the Tea Hut but the trees often help keep you dry.

The High Beach Tea Hut is one of the popular meeting places for bikers and has a very special place in the heart of those who visit it.

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Location: Fairmead Rd, Waltham Abbey, Loughton, IG10 4HR

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avatarMark Griffinsays:

The best bit about Highbeach tea hut is the many & varied bikes you see there, anything from an old Autocycle, classic Brits, 70s strokers, Harleys, adventure bikes, chops – if it’s been made, it’s likely been seen at the tea hut – just hang around and the world of bikes comes to you! ?

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