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Best biking routes in the North East 

Live in the North East? Check out these great biking routes…

Middlesborough > Stokesley > Helmsley > Pickering > Scarborough > Whitby > Guisborough > Middlesbrough (B1365, B1257, A170, A165, A171)

Total distance: 110 miles (approx)
Time taken: A good four hours to fully enjoy

From the hustle and bustle of a busy Teeside high street to the peace and tranquillity of both woodland and coastline, this route is as diverse in humanity as it is in terrain. Away from the urban melee, red grouse fly over the heather moors, streams wind along the secluded dales and waves crash against the rugged cliffs of the coast.

It truly is a heavenly place to ride a motorcycle. The first leg of the journey takes you on the Stokesley to Helmsley run, known by the regulars as the ‘Northern TT or the Helmsley Grand Prix’ — so be wary of trying to tag on to any locals as their knowledge could be your undoing. The road is as twisty as it is undulating, so just take your time to get to know it and stay safe. The speed limits on the road from Helmsley on to Scarborough are well enforced and it is often busy in the summer months, but at least you’ll have time to enjoy those fantastic moorland views.

Scarborough’s well-kept beaches are a great stop-off point for a fish and chip supper and a breather before heading north to Whitby, where there’s plenty of scope to lose a few hours taking in the sights of this historic fishing town.

The ride back to Middlesbrough is varied along the A171, or you can drop into the National Park and visit Goathland — aka Aidensfield — from the hit TV show Heartbeat set in the Sixties, this feel-good show about a bike-loving copper aired in the Nineties.

Quick instructions

  • Leave Middlesbrough on the B1365
  • Go across the A172 and onto the B1257 to Helmsley
  • Turn left onto the A170 to Scarborough
  • Then take the A165 then the A171 to Whitby
  • Meander through the moors or head back to Middlesbrough on the A171 via Guisborough

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North York Moors motorcycles

Crook > Alston > Hexham > Castleside > Crook (A689/A686/A69/B6531/A695/A68)

Total distance: 90 miles (approx)
Time taken: Inside three hours

Quick instructions

  • Go west out of Crook on the A689
  • Straight over the A68, and on to Alston
  • Turn right at Alston and pick up the A686 to Hexham
  • Take the A69 signed for Newcastle and enjoy the ride…
  • …then take the B6531 when you arrive with a grin at Hexham
  • Head out of Hexham on the A695, then take the A68 back to Crook

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Peninnes motorcycle

York > Helmsley > Thirsk > York (B1363/A170/A19)

Total distance: 60 miles (approx)
Time taken: The perfect post-work spin

Quick instructions

  • Ride out of York on the B1363
  • Jump on the A170 and stop at Helmsley
  • Turn round after a chat with fellow bikers and head to Thirsk on the A170
  • From Thirsk, take the A19 back towards York

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Ripon > Leyburn > Richmond > Northallerton > Ripon (A6108/B6271/A684/A167/A61) 

Total distance: 70 miles (approx)
Time taken: A couple of hours… if you can resist a second lap! 

Quick instructions

  • Ride north along the A6108 out of Ripon, signed for Leyburn
  • Once you’ve got your breath back, continue to Richmond
  • Leave Richmond on the B6271 to Northallerton
  • From Northallerton take the A167 to the A61
  • Swoop right and follow the A61 back into Ripon

Hexham > Kielder > Hexham  (A6079/B6320/Unlisted/B6357/B6318/A6079)

Total distance: 100 miles (approx)
Time taken: Take all day about it: adventure bike riders will love it

Quick instructions

  • Leave Hexham on the A6079 north towards Humshaugh
  • Before Humshaugh, take a left on to the B6320 towards Bellingham
  • From Bellingham, turn left to Kielder
  • Stick to the tarmac or take the RAC Rally route via the toll road!
  • The only other road out of Kielder leads for the B6357
  • At the Claygate/Pentonbridge crossroads, turn left onto the B6318
  • Follow the B6318 along Hadrian’s Wall all the way back to Hexham

Morpeth > Cornhill-on-Tweed > Berwick-upon-Tweed > Wooler > Alnwick > Morpeth (A697/A698/A1/B6525/B6348/A1/B6341/A697)

Total distance: 120 miles (approx)
Time taken: A long afternoon

Quick instructions 

  • Ride north out of Morpeth on the A697
  • At Cornhill, head right onto the A698
  • When you reach the A1, ride south
  • After the roundabout, take the right onto the B6525
  • At Wooler, head to Chatton on the A6348 then towards the A1 once more
  • Ride south on the A1 for a few miles
  • Turn off for South Charlton and pick up the B6341
  • Turn left when you get back to the A697 and head back towards Morpeth

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avatarBob Cravensays:

Be very very careful on the road north of Helmsley on the first route map as its well known for speeders, some racing but most time trialing to and from Stokesley. It’s about 15 miles long and has some good countryside and views but some just want to blast on it. Its one of the 5 most dangerous roads in Yorkshire so be careful as something could be coming up fast towards you and on the wrong side of the road.

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