Best biking routes in Central England

Check out some of our favourite biking routes based in central England including visits to some popular biker cafes, hidden gems you can explore and much more…

Market Harborough > Melton Mowbray > Oakham > Medbourne > Market Harborough 

Total distance: 55 miles (approx)
Time taken: Allow at least two hours to savour

There are three real standout parts to this route. The B6047 from Market Harborough through to the famous ‘pork pie town’ of Melton Mowbray is a roller coaster ride of blind dips, crests and rises — so err on the side of caution and take your time to learn it. The return leg down the A606 towards Oakham is mostly made up of fast sweeping corners through stunning scenery all the way towards Rutland Water.

If you fancy a quick breather, then stop at any one of the many car parks around this man-made lake to take in the idyllic views or enjoy a steady ride down to nearby Upper Hambleton and grab a bite to eat in the excellent Finch’s Arms. The final leg of the ride takes you down the B664 for a superb finale to this cracking loop. This quiet, undulating road winds up and down as it twists and turns its way back into Market Harborough.

Quick instructions

  • Pick up the signs for the B6047 Melton Mowbray
  • Head over the A47
  • Follow the one-way system in Melton signed for Oakham
  • Follow signs for Corby or divert to Rutland Water for a break
  • Take the A6003 for roughly six miles
  • Just after crossing back over A47, pick up the B664 back to Market Harborough

Fancy giving this route ago? Take a look at our map… 

Uppingham motorcycling

Cannock > Rugeley > Uttoxeter > Stafford > Cannock (A460 / B5013 / A518 / A34 / A460)

Total distance: 47 miles (approx)
Time taken: A great breakfast run over about two hours

Quick instructions

  • Take the A460 from Cannock to Rugeley
  • Head onto the B5013 towards Uttoxeter
  • Take the A518 from Uttoxeter to Stafford
  • Head for Cannock on the A34
  • Choose from any of the sinuous Cannock Chase roads that head back to Cannock

Check out this fantastic biking route…

Mablethorpe > Cleethorpes > Louth > Mablethorpe (A1031 / A1098 / A16 / A157 / A1104)

Total distance: 60 miles (approx)
Time taken: Take it easy over a couple of hours

Quick instructions

  • Follow the coast road north along the A1031 to Cleethorpes
  • Turn right on to the A1098 towards Waltham/Louth
  • Stay on the A16 and skirt round Louth
  • Pick up the the A157 signed for Alford/Mablethorpe
  • Turn left onto the A1104 back into Mablethorpe

 Take a look at the route on the map… 

Motorcyclists riding in Lincolinshire

Newark > Gainsborough > Retford > Newark (A46 / A1133 / A156 / A631 / A620 / A638 / A1)

Total distance: 52 miles (approx)
Time taken: Two hours plus

Quick instructions

  • Head out of Newark on the A46 towards Lincoln
  • At the second roundabout, turn left onto the A1133
  • Keep heading north to pick up the A156 towards Gainsborough
  • Turn left onto the A631 then pick up the A620 Retford
  • Turn left onto the A638 (A1 South)
  • Cruise down the A1 back to Newark

 Take a look at the route all mapped out… 

Shrewsbury > Bridgnorth > Ludlow > Church Stretton > Shrewsbury (A458 / B4364 / A49 / B4365 / A49)

Total distance: 70 miles (approx)
Time taken: Allow three hours to enjoy

Quick instructions

  • Leave the A5 and pick up the A458 Bridgnorth
  • As you enter Bridgnorth, turn right onto the B4364
  • At Ludlow, turn right onto the A49
  • Get off the A49 and onto the B4365 towards Church Stretton
  • Get back on the A49 signed Shrewsbury

 Check out the route…

Melton Mowbray > Ashby-de-la-Zouch > Donington Park > Melton Mowbray (A6006 / B5324 / A512 / A511 / A514 / A453 / A6 / A6006)

Total distance: 72 miles (approx)
Time taken: Allow two and a half hours

Quick instructions

  • Head west out of Melton Mowbray on the A6006
  • Ride under the A6 towards Ashby on the B5324
  • Get on the A511 towards Swadlincote
  • Follow the A514 and signs for Donington Park
  • Pick up the A453 to Kegworth
  • Head south on the A6 back to the A6006

 Look at the map now… 

Melton Mowbray

Daventry > Banbury > Silverstone > Towcester > Daventry (A361 / A422 / B4525 / A43 / A5 / A45)

Total distance: 54 miles (approx)
Time taken: Two hours plus

Quick instructions

  • Head south out of Daventry on the A361
  • Pick up the A422 signed Brackley for one junction
  • Take the B4525 towards Thorpe Mandeville
  • Turn left onto the A43 towards Towcester
  • Turn left again at Towcester and take the A5 to Weedon
  • And a final left to take the A45 back to Daventry

 Take on this great biking route now…

Macclesfield > Buxton > Bakewell > Matlock Bath > Buxton > Macclesfield 
(A537 / A53 / A6 / A5012 / A515 / A537)

Total distance: 72 miles (approx)
Time taken: Take all day to enjoy this run over and over

Quick instructions

  • Go west onto the A537 towards Buxton
  • Pick up the A6 for Bakewell
  • Continue on the A6 to Matlock Bath
  • Stay on the A6 until you see signs for the A5012
  • Head back to Buxton on the A515
  • Then back onto the A537 to Macclesfield

See the route on our map… 

Banbury > Oxford > Reading > Henley > Aylesbury > Bicester > Banbury (A4260 / A4165 / A4144 / A4074 / A4155 / A4130 / B481 / B480/

Total distance 125 miles (approx)
Time taken –
Just about doable in an afternoon

Quick instructions

  • Head out of Banbury on the A4260
  • Take a steady pootle through Oxford city centre
  • Pick up the A4074 signs for Reading — not the A34
  • Turn left before you reach Reading and pick up the A4155
  • At Henley, take a left onto the A4130
  • Then take the B481/B480/B4009 towards the M40
  • Cross over the M40 on the B4009 and head towards Aylesbury
  • Ride west out of Aylesbury on the A41 towards Bicester
  • Jump on the B4100 for the blast back to Banbury

 Check out the route on our map…

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Have you tried and tested any of these routes? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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2 comments on “Central”

avatarPete Fishersays:

Market Harborough to Melton, wonderful road but beware of camera vans and don’t push your luck, this one can bite. Cannock route, haven’t ridden it for years but we’ll worth it.

avatarStuart Clennettsays:

The Cleethorpes – Mablethorpe – Louth route is massively improved by using the A18 between Laceby and Ludborough – that’s a cracking bit of road and much better than the soulless A16.

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