Best UK biking routes in Scotland 

Crianlarich > Fort William > Oban > Crianlarich (A82/A828/A85/A82)

Total distance: 120 miles (approx)
Time taken: All day to get the best out of it

Some of the most stunning landscapes and scenery anywhere in Europe can be found in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. About an hour north of Stirling lies the tiny village of Crianlarch. From here take a ride through to Tyndrum with its famous Green Welly Stop, where dozens of bikers meet at weekends to grab a bite to eat.

From there head off up the A82 where the most beautiful scenery unfolds before your eyes making it all but impossible not to stop to take it all in.

Keep heading north and follow signs up to Fort William keeping an eye out for the police, as it’s a very popular route with bikers thanks to fast, well-surfaced sweeping bends and long straights. Once you’ve had a break and taken time to admire Britain’s tallest mountain, Ben Nevis, head back along the A82, then pick up the A828 along Loch Linnhe all the way to the A85. Head in to take a look at the popular holiday resort of Oban, or head back to Crianlarich via the incredible twists and turns that pass lochs and mountains along the way.

Quick instructions

  • Head north out of Crianlarich on the A82
  • Veer right on the A82 towards Fort William
  • Return south from Fort William on the A82
  • Turn right as you cross the Loch onto the A828
  • Pick up the A85 back towards Crianlarich
  • Then get on the A82 back to your starting point

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RiDE_Glen Coe

Glasgow > Dumbarton > Renton > Loch Lomond > Glasgow (A82/A813/A811/A809)

Total distance: 40 miles (approx)
Time taken: Up to an hour

Quick instructions

  • Head out of Glasgow north on the A82
  • Pick up the A813 towards Renton
  • Take the A811 across towards Drymen
  • Turn right onto the A809 back to Glasgow

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Inverness > Drumnadrochit > Fort Augustus > Inverness (A82/B862/B852/B862) 

Total distance: 60 miles (approx)
Time taken: Two hours or more

Quick instructions 

  • Take the A82 south out of Inverness signed for Fort William
  • Ride through Drumnadrochit to Fort Augustus
  • Pick up the B862 to ride the other side of the Loch
  • Head for Foyers on the B852
  • Pick up the B862 back to Inverness

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Kyleakin > Uig > Staffin > Kyleakin (A87/A855/A87)

Total distance: 120 miles (approx)
Time taken: Allow at least four hours

Quick instructions 

  • Take the A87 out of Kyleakin signposted for Uig
  • Stay on the A87 all the way to Uig
  • Pick up the A855 out of Uig and follow it round to Staffin and on to Toravaig
  • Get back on the A87 to Kyleakin

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Kyle of Lochalsh > Invergarry (A87)

Total distance 53 miles (approx)
Time taken Just over an hour

Quick instructions

  • From the Isle of Skye toll bridge, head east on the A87 signed for Inverness
  • Follow it all the way to Invergarry

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Hamilton > Lanark > Law > Motherwell > Hamilton (A72/A73/A721/A723)

Total distance: 30 miles (approx)
Time taken: A good breakfast run

Quick instructions

  • Avoiding the boredom of the M74, head out of Hamilton on the A72
  • Pick up the A73 to Carluke when you get to Lanark
  • At the second roundabout, head left onto the A721
  • Pick up the A728 back into Hamilton

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Edinburgh > Moffat > Selkirk > Galashiels > Edinburgh (A701/A708/A7/A772)

Total distance: 150 miles (approx)
Time taken: Worth taking a day over

Quick instructions

  • Head south out of Edinburgh on the A701 to Moffat
  • You’ll need to pick up the A72 for a few miles, then get back onto the A701
  • Once in Moffat, take the A708 to Selkirk…
  • …then pick up the A7 to Galashiels
  • Follow the A7 back into Edinburgh

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One comment on “Scotland”

avatarrobert cravensays:

Dont want to be a killjoy but whilst Scotland is beautiful many cage drivers stop or slow without apparent reason This would be in order to take photographs so a motorcyclist should be aware of this, that vehicles will stop or brake hard for no apparent reason.

The picture shows two motorcyclists in offset position but only about 2/3 yards apart and that is dangerous particularly when you consider they could be doing anything between 40 and 60 mph. If the first biker loses it the second biker has absolutely no chance to avoid running over either his mate or running into his mates bike and then either instance he will also come off. So when riding in a group or with a mate and staggered still leave the same amount of space as if one was following on.

Since the start of the Scotland 500 it has encouraged more bikers and also cage drivers to take a holiday there and whilst it is very nice it has become increasingly more dangerous as collision stats have increased by some 19% over the last 3 years.

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