2024 BMW M1000 XR and S1000 XR

Published: October 27, 2023

The upgrading of the adventure touring class into a ‘halo’ product line for most firms was complete a while ago. But it’s still amazing to see what the bike firms are doing in this flagship sector, with ever more technology and performance being crammed into tall, gangly-yet-comfy touring tools.

2024 BMW M1000 XR
2024 BMW M1000 XR

The BMW S1000 XR was one of the first to simply transfer much of its parent superbike’s power and kit (alongside Ducati’s Panigale-powered Multistrada 1200).

The S1000 RR engine and chassis found itself press-ganged into operation with long-travel suspension, touring bodywork and long-distance equipment, and it was a massive hit for the firm, while leaving the GS Boxer as the top ADV tourer with a bit more in the way of dirt skills.

2024 BMW M1000 XR
2024 BMW M1000 XR

For 2024 though, BMW has ratcheted up the game once again, with not only a revised S1000 XR, but an even higher spec M1000 XR.

First up is the M1000 XR, the third ‘M’ model from Bavaria’s bike arm after the M1000 RR superbike and M1000 R super naked.

2024 BMW M1000 XR
2024 BMW M1000 XR

The MXR comes with a full ShiftCam version of the S1000 engine, making 201bhp, in a high-performance 223kg wet chassis package, with aerodynamic winglets, high-end semi-active suspension, M braking setup and all the electronics: cornering traction and race ABS, launch control, engine brake control, brake slide control, power modes, wheelie control, hill start, etc etc.

2024 BMW M1000 XR
2024 BMW M1000 XR

The engine is based on the S1000 RR unit, and keeps that bike’s ShiftCam variable intake valve timing setup, which gives a broader range of torque and power, while being retuned for more low-down and midrange grunt.

It’s also got lowered gearing, to give extra thrust at the rear tyre, and thus even sharper acceleration. It plots a halfway-house between the more road-biased S1000 R naked and S1000 XR, and the track-focused S1000 and M1000 RR models, with plenty of screaming high-end power though.

2024 BMW M1000 XR
2024 BMW M1000 XR

Peak power of 201bhp would have had you winning superbike races not so very long ago…

On the chassis side, you get Dynamic Damping Control semi-active electronic suspension control, with closed-cartridge 45mm USD forks and rear monoshock. There’s 148mm of travel both ends: lots for a superbike, minimal for an adventure bike, which tells you something about the MXR’s intended role.

2024 BMW M1000 XR
2024 BMW M1000 XR

That applies to the brakes too: full-on racing four-piston radial calipers with 320mm discs, and the forged aluminium wheels with optional carbon fitments, in 17” superbike sizes and a 200-section rear tyre.

Some of the M1000 XR kit makes a lot of sense: the M Endurance chain with its high-tech anti-wear coatings, and even the winglets seem like a useful extra, adding downforce at speed and improving stability.

2024 BMW M1000 XR
2024 BMW M1000 XR

But stuff like the brake slide control, to help ‘back it in’ on a racetrack, MotoGP style, seem unlikely to be used by the majority of customers very often. The new M1000 XR will be on sale in April 2024, priced at a decent-compared-with-the-Multistrada-RS £22,580.

Meanwhile, BMW has also updated the base S1000 XR for 2024, with 5bhp more power, now up to 170bhp, more comfy seat and bodywork design, plus extra equipment levels as standard.

2024 BMW S1000 XR
2024 BMW S1000 XR

Keyless ignition, cornering headlight and USB charging port are all now stock fitments, and there’s an updated quickshifter setup, a more powerful 12Ah battery, uprated rear shock, and optional M GPS lap trigger and carbon wheel fitments.

2024 BMW S1000 XR
2024 BMW S1000 XR

It’s priced at £16,790 for the base model, with the TE costing £18,340, and the new S1000 XR will be in the shops in April 2024.

M1000 XR tech highlights

  • Shift cam engine of the S RR, output 201bhp@12,750 rpm, 31bhp more than the new S1000 XR. Max. torque of 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm.
  • Shorter secondary gear ratio (sprocket with 47 teeth instead of 45).
  • Shorter gear ratios of 4th, 5th and 6th gear.
  • Optimised intake system with variable intake funnels for improved charge exchange at high engine speeds.
  • Claimed top speed over 170mph.
  • Akrapovic high level titanium silencer with Carbon end cap.
  • M Endurance chain.
  • Riding modes “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic”, “Race” and “Race Pro1-3” as well as the latest generation of Dynamic Traction Control DTC and DTC wheelie function with 6-axis sensor box.
  • Four adjustable throttle characteristics available now for optimum response. “Engine Brake” with triple adjustability of engine drag torque in “Race Pro” mode.
  • Brake Slide Assist assists the rider when brake drifting.
  • Shift Assistant Pro for fast upshifts and downshifts without using the clutch.
  • Launch Control and Pit Lane Speed Limiter.
  • Hill Start Control Pro.
  • M winglets: Brake later and accelerate earlier, plus more high-speed stability thanks to aerodynamic downforce.
  • Upside-down forks with adjustable spring base in conjunction with standard DDC.
  • M brakes on a long-distance sports bike from BMW Motorrad for the first time: The M XR offers maximum braking performance for riding on country roads and race tracks.
  • Aluminium forged wheels.
  • Optional M carbon wheels with M- tapes and M- lettering on the rim.
  • M handbrake and clutch lever.
  • Adjustable steering damper.
  • Milled-over handlebar clamp.
  • Handlebar end mirrors (optional).
  • Headlights with adaptive cornering lights (Headlight Pro).
  • Small number plate holder.
  • 6.5-inch TFT display, start-up animation with M logo and OBD interface for M GPS Datalogger and M GPS Laptrigger that can be used via unlock code.
  • Lightweight M battery, rear USB charging socket, powerful LED light units, electronic cruise control and heated grips.
  • Keyless Ride.
  • M Competition Package as an optional extra ex works.


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