Suzuki SV1000 Overview

The Suzuki SV1000 was designed to be a cost-effective, big bike which could handle its own on the road and the track.  It is incredibly similar to the old TL1000S and in fact, the engine is almost identical but the SV1000 comes with a better price-tag and some noticeable improvements.

It has an aluminium frame which gives the bike a modern and sleek look and the suspension is also pretty decent.  It probably wouldn’t compare with a standard sports bike but for an all-rounder it is up to par.  The brakes are also good in the SV1000, something which cheaper Suzuki bikes don’t always offer.

The engine in an SV1000 is a big V-twin which comes with plenty of torque and around 106bhp.  It is a seamless and smooth ride which glides easily into those top speeds without too much playing around with gears which makes it ideal for those who like to spend their time down at the track or hitting the wide, open road.

Despite the speed and look of the SV1000, the riding position does seem to be a common issue which many owners report.  It seems that the seat is uncomfortable and there is a significant level of vibration into the wrists which becomes much more noticeable over longer distances.  This is definitely something worth trying out before you commit to buy the bike.

Additional features included decent under seat storage and a steering damper which comes as standard.  Overall this is a pretty decent bike for the price you pay but some may find the riding position too uncomfortable to justify the speed offered.

Suzuki SV1000 Spec

Seat height810mm
EngineLiquid cooled, four stroke, DOHC, 4v
Average fuel consumption41mpg
Top speed155mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:BJReview Date: March 2017
Has the most uncomfortable seat in the world. No need for Guantanamo Bay, sit prisoners on this seat and after 2 hours they will tell you everything they know guaranteed. Riding position hard on back, neck and wrists.
Ride Quality
Really needed good front forks rather than budget
Build Quality & Reliability
It's generally a good bike but doesn't like British winters
Engine Rating
The jewel in the crown absolutely bloody amazing. Twist and go. Gears? Who needs them?
Brake Rating
Not bad for the design, Tokico not liked these days many have been changed for upmarket calipers
Running Cost
Pros CommentsThe s fairing is a great shield from the British weather especially with the additional side panels fitted. Dropped the clipons put a handlebar conversion and 12 inch tall handlebars. Modified the switchgear and extended. New oversize throttle cables. It is really the lightest bike in its class and easy to manouvre. Like all Japanese bikes anthropomorphically Japanese engineers think all Europeans have 33 inch inseams its time they learned the truth. Absolutely fantastic bike well engineered let down by a few small niggles. Everyone should own one at least once.
Cons CommentsThe riding position and the seat are terrible. What would really improve this bike and quadruple sales? Make it the same as an sv naked like fitting fairings to a naked. We are all getting older and sit up riding positions are the order of the day. Make it with side panels, panniers and top box included. A shaped dual seat like on the dl 1000 would be great. Would have bought a dl but its much too tall for me and a lot heavier. Dont know whether anyone has noticed but sales are proportional to weight these days.

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