Lexmoto ZSX 125 Overview

Lexmoto marketed the ZSX 125 as the bike which ‘sets the standard of Chinese motorcycles’ and it certainly appears to be the case that the ZSX 125 has many improvements and additions over previous Lexmoto models.  The single-cylinder, four stroke engine does pretty much what you would expect from a 125 and is the ideal starter bike or for those who only want to take short journeys around town.  It offers a decent level of grunt but isn’t really up to par against more expensive bikes in this range.

One area in which the Lexmoto ZSX 125 finally seems to be catching up is in terms of the specifications.  Most Lexmoto bikes were wheels, frame and seat but the ZSX 125 comes equipped with modern additions such as alloy wheels and part-LCD operating systems.  The bike has also been given a stylish design and looks fairly contemporary and up to date.

For a 125 bike it’s a little on the heavy side although it handles corners well and the suspension and brakes are pretty sufficient.  As with all Lexmoto models however, the real selling point is the price.  The ZSX 125 is at the more expensive end of the Lexmoto range coming in at £1499 for a new bike.  Considering that this is £1000 less than its main Japanese competitors, this is not something to be snickered at.  For that £1000 you could easily change up the tyres, adjust the brakes and buy any number of additions to bring the bike up to the specification you would like and still walk away with pocket change.

Lexmoto ZSX 125 Spec 

Seat height780mm
EngineSingle cylinder, four stroke, air cooled
Average fuel consumption
Top speed69mph
Insurance group

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Owner Reviews

Submitted by:JamesReview Date: May 2017
Spongey suspension front end dives under heavy braking but comfortable enough to be jarred on bumps
Ride Quality
Easy to ride, heavy for 125. Corners pretty well although can be lacking in front end grip once your titled over
Build Quality & Reliability
Pretty good build quality for chinese, expect rust if not looked after. Definitely advise getting steel down pipe. Pretty reliable.
Engine Rating
Good grunt for a 125 although you won't beat good Japanese 125s but for price pretty close
Brake Rating
Single disc upfront and drum rear. Pretty good breaking but if you needed to stop a bit quick would definitely advise using rear brake
Running Cost
Very basic and rust treatment would bring these bikes on par with Japenese bikes
Pros CommentsIf on a budget these are pretty good for money definitely best of the Chinese bikes. Be prepared to learn some basic maintenance as things need adjusting now and then. Japanese is definitely the better but for the money these Chinese bike are pretty good.
Cons CommentsVery basic and rust treatment would bring these bikes on par with Japenese bikes

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Build Quality
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